The One Thing We Wish You Knew About PT, Part 4

We recently asked our talented team:

“What is one thing you wish everyone knew about the body or physical therapy?”

We received so much great insight (check out our previous blogs here: Part 1Part 2Part 3), that we had to create a third blog post to contain all the information.

Here is what our team wants you to know:

Andrew Hawkins, Lead Physical Therapist, Topeka Clinic

“Physical therapists can see patients without needing a referral from a doctor in the state of Kansas (called Direct Access)! Seeing a physical therapist first for most orthopedic injuries can save patients time and money, and help them recover quicker.”

leslie borden marketing

Leslie Borden, Marketing Team

“I think it’s important to stay active—I don’t love to work out but I do love to water ski, ride my horse and more recently, my sister and I have taken up pickleball. We’re not very good but we have a good time playing and that’s what is most important to me.”

Jason Parker PT

Jason Parker, Clinic Director, Cameron, Missouri Clinic

“That our bodies are amazing creations and, if cared for, will heal themselves. Physical therapy can provide the care required.”

Dry Needling Mindi

Mindi Lozenski, Lead Physical Therapist, Shawnee Clinic

“You are never too old to get stronger or be more flexible.”

lizzie shelly kansas

Lizzie Shelly, Physical Therapist, Lee’s Summit Clinic

“I wish people knew that physical therapy can encompass a wide variety of patient care including pediatrics, vestibular/concussion, pelvic floor, wound care/burn care, and cancer rehab just to name a few.”

Megan Remmert Hike

Megan Remmert, Physical Therapist, Olathe Clinic

“Physical therapy can do a lot to relieve people’s aches and pains, but can occasionally take longer than people like. It may not be an immediate fix but it can be lasting if you stick with it.”

Megan Kuehne and family

Megan Kuehne, Administrative Assistant, Wichita Clinics

“The body is fascinating if you take the time to listen to it. Taking the time to stop and listen to the signals that your body is giving you can save you in the long run.”

claire family

Claire Hulett, Physical Therapist Assistant and STRIVE Specialist, Overland Park Clinic

“You get out of physical therapy what you put into it. And it might take more than one session for you to see the results, but if you focus on the small successes you will see the improvements in your daily life and activities.”

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