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The One Thing We Wish You Knew About PT

October is National Physical Therapy Month and we’re celebrating all month long! As part of our celebration of all things PT, we asked our team:

“What is one thing you wish everyone knew about the body or physical therapy?”

And we heard lots of great insight! Today we pass those tips on to you. Check it out:

rich kidwell fishing
Rich Kidwell, Partner, Physical Therapist, Regional Director

“There are 2 main things that I wish people knew:
1- Pain is a normal life experience and is not something that we should be afraid of.
2- Physical therapy is not a passive experience for the patient. The more you put in to it, the more you get out of it. A vast majority of the time, recovering from an injury is not about what I as the Physical Therapist doto you, it is about me educating you and providing the tools or means for you to treat yourself.”

Anne Wingett Wichita
Anne Wingett, Physical Therapist, Clinic Director of Wichita Clinics

“You get out what you put in. I can and will be your biggest advocate and cheerleader, but you have to work hard for me, both in and out of the clinic!”

Kimberly Sumner, Partner, Physical Therapist, Clinic Director at Overland Park Clinic

“There are rarely quick fixes. You really will get out of your body what you put into it. That relates to not only nutrition but exercise as well.”

Nicole Grimm Family KCK
Nicole Grimm, Physical Therapist Assistant, Kansas City, Kansas Clinic

“I wish everyone knew that our goal is not to hurt you and the adage of “no pain, no gain” is not our motto. Soreness maybe, but it doesn’t sound as good ? Also, there are a lot of things physical therapy can help you with but you have to put in the energy to get the results.”

Scott with his two kiddos
Scott Peters, Partner, Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, Clinic Director of North Kansas City and Olathe Clinics

“How skilled the profession of Physical Therapy is compared to just finding information on the Internet or from a friend with a similar injury. It is important to correct muscle imbalances and injuries immediately to prevent cataclysmic events that could follow by not properly treating injuries as they happen.”

Scott jones Partner
Scott Jones, Partner, Physical Therapist, Director of Clinical Support Services

“It takes time and effort to fully recover from an injury. Just because you are pain free, does not mean your injury has completely recovered or is stable. You have to gradually return to your higher level functional activities, allow the tissues to remodel properly, and then continue your exercise program to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent future injury.”

sam smith PT
Sam Smith, Physical Therapist, Wichita South Clinic

“Your body is a machine that adapts to how you use it. Stay active the best you can and remember that any motion is better than no motion. You are never too old to squat ?”

adrienne khadavi
Adrienne Khadavi, Director of Sales and Marketing

“Physical Therapy can often prevent invasive or major procedures or surgeries. But we live in a world where many people want quick fixes for their issues. Sometimes physical therapy can be a quick fix, but often it takes time to retrain your body and rehabilitate back to healthy movement. I wish more people knew that by taking a little more time and engaging in physical therapy, you can often set your body up for long-term health without major surgeries or procedures.”

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