The One Thing We Wish You Knew About PT, Part 3

We recently asked members of our team:

“What is one thing you wish everyone knew about the body or physical therapy?”

We heard a lot of great things (check out the first two blogs here and here), and we wanted to pass the information on! Check it out:

Christina Boekman, Lead Physical Therapist, Liberty Clinic

“Our bodies are designed for motion. Even though each joint is shaped differently, has a different function, etc… They are designed to move.
Repeat after me: “motion is lotion”. One of my favorite physical therapy sayings!”

Jeremy Graddy, Lead Physical Therapist, Joplin Clinic

“The body is an amazing, big energetic unit made from multiple parts that is self-healing. It requires balance and flow of the parts so that the body can do this best.
Physical therapy isn’t just exercise and we cannot do the work for a client. Physical therapy is about helping people learn how to regain balance and flow so that the body can heal itself.”

Becca Ferguson, Physical Therapist

“I wish that everyone knew that physical therapy has benefits beyond treating those that are injured or in pain.
Physical therapy could be very beneficial in a preventative manner and help to stop most injuries before they happen.”

Molly Creaden, Physical Therapist, Overland Park Clinic

“Physical therapy isn’t always a quick fix and oftentimes we get the best results with patients putting in the hard work at home outside of their appointments. This hard work can sometimes prevent more invasive surgeries or procedures.
Overall, movement and exercise is the world’s most effective drug to lower people’s risk for medical conditions like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and more!”

Chris Seidel, Physical Therapist, North Kansas City Clinic

“One thing I wish everyone knew about physical therapy is that pain does not always equal gain. I’ve had a lot of patients who say the phrase “no pain no gain”, which more often than not is the wrong answer in therapy. It’s good to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard, especially in the beginning phases of rehab. I always tell my patients, “You want to flirt with pain, but don’t take it on a date.”

Sam Marston, Administrative Assistant, Joplin and Springfield Clinics

“It’s not often that something related to healing is a quick fix. It typically takes time, patience, and effort to get back to where the body can and needs to be.”

Laila Gammon, Physical Therapist Assistant, Springfield Clinic

“Don’t be afraid of physical therapy! Everyone seems to be afraid of physical therapy and they shouldn’t be. The body is amazing at healing, and we are here to help in that healing process. We truly want to see you get better and we like to laugh and have fun with you in that process.”

Jamie Smith, Physical Therapist, Tiffany Springs Clinic

“Physical therapy can help you continue to lead an active and healthy life, regardless of any physical limitations you feel you might have. It can be beneficial for everyone!”

Mason Gahan, Physical Therapist, Belton and Lenexa Clinics

“Physical Therapists typically have Doctorate degrees. We are trained as movement specialists with advanced understanding of the musculoskeletal system, with a focus on rehabilitation and recovery for a variety of injuries or traumas. We work cooperatively with a variety of healthcare professionals to provide optimal care for each patient.”

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