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The One Thing We Wish You Knew About PT, Part 2

We’ve been celebrating Physical Therapy Month at our clinics and recently asked our talented team: 

“What is one thing you wish everyone knew about the body or physical therapy?”

We received so much great insight (check out our first blog post here), that we had to create a second blog post to contain all of the information.

Here is what our team wants you to know:

Susan Grispino Hike
Susan Grispino, Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Maryville and St. Joseph Clinics

“The mind/body connection is amazing. There as a huge neurological component to injuries or any disability – breathing, posture, pain management strategies, etc. are all important. As far as everyday life – I would recommend people move, move, move – in lots of different ways that have purpose and a sensory component. Everyone at every age can move!”

Aaron Christiansen Des Moines
Aaron Christiansen, Physical Therapist, Director of the Ankeny and Des Moines Clinics

“Physical therapists are educators at our core. A significant part of rehab is empowering patients to better understand their body’s interactions, why it breaks down, and developing long-term strategies to prevent loss of function. We are uniquely positioned in today’s healthcare marketplace in that our services are readily accessible, highly educational and interactive, and provide significant return on investment over time when compared to other medical options.”

Photo 2 Lisa Rohrbaugh
Lisa Rohrbaugh, Physical Therapist, Lead Physical Therapist, Lenexa Clinic

“The body wants to heal itself, but sometimes it needs some guidance on how to get started and which direction to go. Also, concussion symptoms that last more than a few days are NOT normal. Vestibular rehab can help people suffering from concussion get back on track and back to doing the things they love.”

Tonya with Family Friends 2
Tonya Knoettgen (aka TK), Account Manager, Business Development Liaison

“Not all therapy and/or therapists are created equal. We hire the best and invest in ongoing training to ensure our team is made of the highest skilled therapists in the region.”

Melissa Shelton, Physical Therapist, Lead Therapist, Springfield Clinic

“I wish people understood that physical therapy is in the business to not only improve your symptoms and functionality, but also equip you with knowledge about how the body works so if something else happens down the line, you’ve been empowered to process what’s going on and do something about it without having to run to professionals instantly. I also wish people would remember that healing takes time and effort. Coming to two hours of therapy a week and expecting to rapidly improve without doing exercises at home to facilitate that improvement is not the ideal scenario for optimal outcomes.”

Cristi Husband
Cristi Niblo, Administrative Assistant to the South Kansas City and Belton Clinics

“I wish people knew that surgery is not always the answer. Although therapy can take a longer period of time than most are willing to allow for, it can often prevent invasive procedures and/or surgeries.”

Matt Cummings Family
Matt Cummings, Occupational Therapist/Certified Hand Therapist, Director at the Lee’s Summit and Independence Clinics, OT Fellowship Coordinator

“A great outcome and ability to meet your goals requires a lot of work regardless of whether or not you have had surgery. The best outcome occurs with great communication and great understanding/compliance with content, not only in the clinic but between sessions (at home). The body is like a machine and often times it requires work on one or two small parts to make the whole thing run properly.”

Morgan Softball
Morgan Schreck, Administrative Assistant to the St. Joseph, Liberty and Maryville Clinics

“Home exercise programs are important, the work you put in outside of the clinic makes all the difference.”

Liz Boyd fish
Liz Boyd, Administrative Assistant to the Overland Park Clinic

“Everyone heals differently. Our bodies are absolutely amazing, but the timeline isn’t always the same for everyone. Relax, slow down and appreciate the process– Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you ?”

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