ARC Physical Therapy+ Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Happy 20th anniversary to ARC Physical Therapy+!

Our first clinic opened in 2003, and since then we’ve expanded to more than 30 locations! We’re so excited to have served our community for so long, and to have reached out to more communities than ever.

Here’s a look back at a few of the milestones that got us where we are today:

2003: First clinic opens in North Kansas City, Missouri

The start of something great. Meet the NKC clinic.

2003: Started working with Kansas City Fire Department

One of our first workers’ compensation employer partners. Learn more about work comp partnerships.

2004: Ben Peterson joins ARC Physical Therapy+ as our 1st clinical rotations student

Our current CEO’s humble beginning.

2004: Second clinic opens in Overland Park, Kansas

The start of a successful regional organization. Meet the Overland Park clinic.

2008: Corporate Challenge Division winner + Corporate Challenge Spirit Award

An exciting round of recognition.

2009: Corporate Challenge Division winner

Proof positive that we’re onto something.

2010: Corporate Challenge Division winner + Corporate Challenge Spirit Award

The threepeat! Plus a sequel to our first Spirit Challenge award.

2010: First time to reach 10,000 patient visits in a calendar year

An exciting milestone and testament to our ability to help our patients.

2011: Springfield, Missouri clinic opens

Our clinic count hits double digits with our 10th location. Meet our Springfield clinic.

2013: New partnership with U.S. Physical Therapy

An exciting opportunity to expand our footprint. Learn more about the partnership.

2015: 1st Regional Director position added

Ben Peterson steps up to a new role.

2016: Certified Hand Therapy (CHT) Fellowship Program launches

Our investment in the future of hand therapy begins with our signature program launch. Learn more about CHT.

2018: First graduate of the CHT Fellowship Program

Give them a hand!

2018: 200 job analyses completed

Helping ensure work doesn’t hurt. Learn more about job analysis.

2019: S.T.R.I.V.E. Work Conditioning Program launches

Our innovative program focuses on getting injured workers back on the job. Learn more about S.T.R.I.V.E.

2019: 524 Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) completed

One of our core worker’s compensation solutions gets its start. Learn more about FCEs.

2020: Maryville, Missouri clinic opens

Our 20th location! Meet our Maryville clinic.

2021: 9,109 post-offer employment tests performed

Comprehensive injury prevention, rehabilitation, and return to work offerings continue to thrive. Learn more.

2022: 100,000 patient visits in a calendar year

We will see more patients today than we did our entire first year!

We’re so honored to have served our community for so long, and look forward to continued success.

Experience the service that ARC Physical Therapy+ has perfected over the years. Schedule an appointment today.

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