VIDEO: Ben Peterson, PT – Chief Executive Officer, Partner


I think that our people are driven by this mission and vision that was founded back in 2003 at the beginning of “we are going to be excellent at everything we do,” not only in terms of taking care of the patients and customers, but also being excellent communicators and really providing this service that goes above and beyond what others are able to do. And part of the reason why we can do that is because our organizational model.

We chose from the beginning to focus on Workman’s Compensation, which is a model that offers the flexibility to not have to see as many patients per day, which results in better quality of care, more one-on-one individualized treatment, which makes the patient better, faster, which is very pleasing to the customers because they get their injured worker back to work more quickly, and is pleasing to the therapist because they truly have more time to treat the patient one-on-one.

You’re going to get exactly what you’ve always got with ARC over the next 20 years, which is excellent service. That’s because of the group of individuals we have here that are focused on the mission to be a catalyst of change in the marketplace and redefine excellence in healthcare. So you can expect to continue to get that kind of treatment, whether you’re a patient or whether you’re a client of ours. And secondly, I would say that you’re going to see a lot of growth.

We have been fortunate to grow rapidly over the course of our last five years especially. And I think you kind of have to in this marketplace to keep up with the growth and the goals of your customers in their different areas. So you should also expect to see a lot of growth, which is exciting because that means growth for our current team members in terms of more opportunities and growth and advancement for them, in addition to building new relationships with our clients, which is what ARC has always been about.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our customers and clients and patients over the years for being a part of our journey. And I also wanted to thank everybody who’s ever worked for ARC for giving a big part of your life to us in our mission to get people better and serve our communities.

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