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All Roads Lead to Recovery at ARC Physical Therapy+

At ARC Physical Therapy+, we pride ourselves on our ability to get patients back to their daily activities safely and efficiently. In some cases, additional — and often unrelated — injuries can occur that lead patients back to one of our clinics after discharge. When this happens, our therapists stand ready to help guide them back to optimal recovery.

Just ask Cody Walker. Shortly Cody Walkerafter being discharged from ARC Physical Therapy+ following a work-related injury, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA)that caused multiple fractures in his lower body. He was admitted to the emergency room and eventually underwent open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) and ankle reconstruction surgery to repair the damage.

After completing inpatient therapy, Cody requested to go to ARC Physical Therapy+ for his outpatient therapy based on his previous experience with Melissa Shelton, DPT, Lead Therapist at the Springfield clinic.

“The first time I was there, Melissa customized a lot of the treatment based on my job demands and what I needed to do for daily life,” Cody said. “Her approach was different than anything I had experienced with therapists at other locations, and I always got the sense that we were really working together as a team to achieve my goals.”

That type of partnership is what encouraged him to return to ARC Physical Therapy+ following his MVA.

“Melissa really wants you to be the best you can be based on what your goals are, and that’s important because an injury can really affect your self-esteem, but having a therapist who is on your team can make a world of difference in your recovery,” Cody said.

Cody underwent several weeks of outpatient therapy, which included a thorough assessment and evaluation of his condition, as well as a personalized treatment plan to regain mobility, ease pain and increase strength.

“Cody was highly motivated toCody Walker (ARC) get back to as much normal function as possible and exceed expectations,” Melissa said. “When he returned to the doctor, the physician told him that he had achieved more range of motion and function out of the ankle than the doctor ever anticipated.”

Since then, Cody has been able to return to heavy squatting and jogging. He also made a career change and started physical therapy school. He plans to hike Mount Elbert in Colorado later this summer to celebrate his new career and recovery from his injury.

Looking back on his experience, he said he cannot recommend ARC Physical Therapy+ enough to other patients.

“If a patient wants to get more than just the bare minimum with their recovery, they should choose ARC,” he said. “I’ve been to other therapy providers in the past, and they just don’t compare to Melissa or the team at ARC.”

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