ARCPT New Partners 2020

ARCPT+ Welcomes New Partners, Looks Forward to 2021

It is no surprise 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Despite the sacrifices and challenges faced by our team, we remained focused on quality care, better outcomes and redefining excellence. Thanks to our team’s commitment we have navigated this tricky year with some positive changes.

We acquired Pinnacle Therapy Services and added four new Missouri clinics:

  • Platte City, Missouri
  • Cameron, Missouri
  • Gladstone, Missouri (effective 2/1/21)
  • Tiffany Springs, Missouri (also effective 2/1/21)

As part of that transition, we also welcomed eight new members to the ARC Physical Therapy+ family.

And this year brought us five new partners.

“We are thrilled to welcome five new partners to our leadership team,” Ben Peterson, PT, Chief Operations Officer, Partner, shared.

“Each of these team members have proven themselves as resilient and resolute and bring tremendous value to our organization.”​

Meet Our New Partners


Scott Jones, PT – Director of Clinical Support, Partner

Scott Jones 2020Scott is focused on quality; ensuring patients receive the best care available, that our clinics are staffed with the best and that our partners have confidence in our workers’ compensation program. He began at ARC Physical Therapy in 2005 and has served as both Clinic Director and the Kansas Regional Director during his time with the company

“I’m looking forward to 2021. We will maintain, live, and evolve our mission to be a catalyst of change in healthcare. We will continue to grow and expand as the healthy work force solution in the Midwest, including bringing our workers’ compensation solutions to new areas and expanding and improving on the services and solutions we currently offer our partner employers.”

Rich Kidwell, PT – Regional Director, Partner

Rich Kidwell 2020Currently a Partner and Regional Director, Rich has served as a staff therapist, Lead Therapist, and Clinic Director since joining ARC Physical Therapy+ in 2012. He oversees operations for 12 clinics and has 10+ years of experience as a physical therapist.

“When I came to ARCPT+ in 2012, I was intrigued by the mission to be a catalyst of change in the marketplace by redefining excellence in healthcare. As I have grown in my role at the company over the last 8 years, I have seen this mission at work and know the impact it can have.

ARC Physical Therapy+ is more than a physical/occupational therapy company. By focusing on excellence, we have the ability to impact our overall healthcare system and change people’s expectation of what their healthcare experience should be like.”

Christy McClain, PT – Regional Director, Partner

Leadership - Christy McClainChristy is a Partner and Regional Director for ten clinics and is responsible for managing their daily operations. Her background includes 20 years of experience as a physical therapist in the workers’ compensation space. Christy is certified in IASTM, Ergo Science, and XRTS.

“Looking to 2021 and beyond, my vision is that:

  • Every interaction at each of our ARC Physical Therapy+ locations is of the same high quality
  • Our staff continues to develop and evolve in order to bring the best quality of care into the clinics and serve as the go-to resource for providers in our communities
  • We will continue to establish ourselves as the experts in the work comp community, leading the industry in return-to-work care

I am looking forward to things getting back to some level of “normal”, but I also know that even if we don’t, we will find new and innovative ways to grow and serve. Bring on 2021!”

Scott Peters, PT, ATC – Clinic Director, Partner

In addition to Partner, Scott serves as the Clinic Director of the Olathe and North Kansas City clinics and oversees their operations and staff development. He specializes in sports medicine, outpatient orthopedics and rehabilitation, and has been with ARC Physical Therapy+ since 2007.

“In 2021, we will continue to do what we have always done: we will do what is right. We will treat each patient with kindness. We will do the work required for the best outcome. We will communicate and grow as a work family. We won’t settle for the way things are in our industry. We will trailblaze in order to pursue excellence.”

Kimberly Sumner, PT, CMST – Clinic Director, Partner

Kimberly Sumner 2020As Partner and Clinic Director of the Overland Park clinic, Kimberly brings 20 years of experience as a physical therapist to the team. She has been with the company since 2012, providing care to patients, as well as educating our community on pain neuroscience.

“In 2021, I look forward to continuing to set ourselves apart as an all-inclusive therapy company that values excellence in care through relationships with all referral sources, one on one patient care, ongoing education and development of staff, and innovation in treatment.  As the world around us continues to change, we too will change to challenge and improve what is possible from a rehabilitation partner.”

Trust that as we continue to grow, we will not lose focus on our foundation.

“Our foundation is being the best workers’ compensation provider in the region,” Ben Peterson, shares. “Our foundation is great communication, excellent customer service, relationship building. All of these things are core to who ARC Physical Therapy+ is as a company and we remain committed to them now more than ever.”

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