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“I had immediate relief”: Greg Shares Dry Needling Experience

Dry needling has been around for nearly 80 years, but has only recently begun to grow in popularity as a powerful complement to treatment for patients struggling with pain and loss of motion. To learn more about the basics of dry needling, read our recent overview here.

Dry needling, as the name indicates, involves the use of needles, and that can make some patients nervous. However, once people try dry needling, they become advocates for it as the fear of uncertainty is replaced by relief.

Today, we talk with ARC Physical Therapy+ patient Greg who has experienced significant healing and improved recovery thanks to dry needling. 

“I had immediate relief”

Greg Oborny Dry Needling 2

Greg Oborny started physical therapy in June 2019 following a rotator cuff repair surgery. While Greg was able to return to daily activities without pain, he is an avid tennis player and noticed lingering pain in his shoulder and elbow while playing.

His physical therapist, Mindi Lozenski, suggested dry needling as a treatment option to help him regain the full range of motion he needed to be competitive in tennis.

Greg was skeptical, but after listening to Mindi share the benefits, he decided to give it a try.

“After the first session, I had immediate relief. The tension and stress from working melted away, and when the relief was so noticeable from just one session, I knew this would be a health strategy for long-term maintenance.”

Greg Oborny

“I am deathly afraid of needles and blood, but between Botox and this, I made it happen,” he added. “The negative side effects, like bruising, have been very minimal.”

Greg has become a big believer in dry needling to support not only his love of tennis but his overall wellness.

“Dry needling is like maintenance for my physical therapy,” Greg said. “It’s especially important for sports enthusiasts, regardless of what sport you do. It has helped my post-surgical shoulder, and also other muscle groups and issues like tennis elbow. Just like you have to change the oil in your car or check the breaks, you need to do the same for your health, and dry needling has done that for me.”

“Most patients experience little to no pain”

Dry Needling MindiMindi loves being able to offer dry needling as a service to patients to complement their physical therapy treatment.

“Sometimes patients are hesitant to try dry needling, but in most cases there is significant opportunity for improvement even beyond what is possible through physical therapy,” Mindi said. “Most patients experience little to no pain, and some even find it relaxing.”

For Greg, the convenience of direct access without needing a prescription from his doctor makes this a long-term addition to his holistic care.

“I spent six months rehabbing my shoulder after surgery, and I didn’t want all of my hard work to go to waste,” Greg said. “I do my home exercises, but touching base with Mindi for ongoing dry needling treatments provides the confidence and security that I will keep improving. I can come into the clinic and say, ‘I noticed this…’ or ‘what do I do about this’ and get additional support for continued healing.”

If you are on the fence about trying dry needling, Greg recommends checking out the research on it and talking to an ARC Physical Therapy+ clinician to learn more about the pros and cons.

“Try it for one session and see what you think,” Greg said. “If you are like me, you will quickly see the benefits that support all of your hard work from therapy.”

Ready to Try Dry Needling?

Contact ARC Physical Therapy+ at 844-755-4272 or to learn more or schedule your Dry Needling appointment.

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