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Available Now: Telehealth Physical and Occupational Therapy

We understand this is a challenging time and we are continuing to adapt in order to care for all of our current patients in a safe and effective manner. As part of our commitment to your health, we are now offering TELEHEALTH physical and occupational therapy to our patients.  

As physical therapy and occupational therapy services have been identified by the US Department of Homeland Security as “essential healthcare providers,” most of our clinics will remain open and continue seeing patients in-person in order to provide care. We have stringent measures in place in our clinics for any in-person appointments that will take place in the coming days and weeks in order to provide a safe space to continue to treat in person.

But we recognize that in-person visits may not be possible or safe for many of our patients. For anyone who is in quarantine, is high-risk for exposure, or who does not feel comfortable leaving their home, telehealth therapy can provide a rehab solution as we get through this pandemic together.

What You Will Need for Telehealth Therapy

  • A device with a camera such as a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Wifi or data
  • A space to move around

What You Can Expect from Telehealth Therapy

  • Once our team sets up your telehealth appointment, you will receive an email from us. This email will have instructions for entering your virtual appointment as well as your consent paperwork.
  • You will be asked to give consent to your telehealth appointment. This can be done by printing and signing the consent form, or by emailing us back letting us know you provide consent.
  • Your email will include a link to your virtual appointment. Once you click to open this link, you should see your virtual appointment “room.” Your therapist will join this same “room” to provide a secure environment for you and your physical or occupational therapist to work together.
  • Your therapist will guide you through your entire telehealth visit. 

How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Visit – Setting Up

  • Find a space that allows you plenty of room to move around. 
  • Wear comfortable but snug fitting clothing. 
    • This may help your therapist see your body movements better than if you wear extra baggy clothing.
  • Set up your phone or computer about 6 feet away from you.
    • You may place your computer on a table or prop your phone or tablet up against books or other items so you can move freely without having to hold your phone or tablet.
    • Make sure your volume is turned all the way up to ensure you can hear well.
  • Make sure your device is connected to a strong WiFi connection.
  • Ensure your camera and microphone are both turned on in your appointment room.
    • This will allow us to see and hear you for the duration of your scheduled appointment.

How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Visit – During The Appointment

  • Log into to your virtual appointment 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
    • Our therapists will do their best to be on time for appointments, but please be patient as they get your appointment started.
  • Let your therapist know if you have weights, bands or other equipment at home.
    • They may help you explore options for incorporating other items into your home plan.
  • Note: Depending on what body part you are working on, your therapist may ask you to step back to see your entire body movements. 


  • If you are unable to connect with your clinician, please call the clinic where you made your appointment and they will help troubleshoot any tech issues or reschedule to another time.

*Please note, there are some insurance plans that do not yet cover telehealth therapy. As we all adapt to our changing landscape, each day more insurance companies are approving this telehealth service.  To see if your plan covers telehealth therapy, please give us a call at 1-844-755-4272 (4ARC).

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence and your cooperative effort towards maintaining our community’s health and well-being. 

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