Celebrating ARC Physical Therapy+ OTs

At ARC Physical Therapy+, we’re so fortunate to work with such a talented group of OTs, who are committed to getting the best results in the industry for our patients and partners.

During OT month this April, we want to take the time to introduce each of them. You can also check out everything our OTs can help you with here.

How long have you been practicing? Almost 2 years.

What is your favorite injury to treat? Crush injuries and Post op shoulders

What is your favorite part of the job? I love getting to work with a wide range of diagnoses and meeting people with many different interests. I enjoy finding out what motivates people, which helps me create therapy interventions that are engaging and target the activities the patient wants to get back to doing. It is always fun building relationships with patients and making therapy an enjoyable experience.
How long have you been practicing? For 33 years! I am now on my second generation of patients from the same family — like when a teacher gets her prior student’s children in class. I’m an OT, a Certified Hand Therapist, and a LANA Certified Lymphedema therapist. I definitely am in the right profession.

What is your favorite injury to treat? I most enjoy complex trauma patients because there are so many aspects involved in taking care of these patients. In some ways, being an OT and CHT is like being a mechanic to a machine that has a heart, soul, and brain — and working in partnership with that person. Together, we figure out solutions and how to get back to life. I love that OT focuses on function and the whole person.

What is your favorite part of the job? It is hard to say what it my favorite part of my job because to me OT is so much more than a job. It becomes part of who you are. When you know you have truly helped someone learn to help themselves regain their life back, that is a day-by-day blessing of our jobs and our profession. And in the St. Joe clinic, I really enjoy working with patients who have come from different countries and cultures, helping them heal and get back to work to support and help their families.

Hannah Page

How long have you been practicing? 6 years

What is your favorite injury to treat? I love treating fractures of any kind or any traumatic injuries such as crush injuries.

What is your favorite part of the job? My favorite part of the job is meeting a variety of different people that have unique and specific needs and wants. We use these needs and wants to set goals for our patients. This is truly the definition of OT, getting people back to what they need, want, and have to do in life.

How long have you been practicing? I’ve been an OT for almost 3 years!

What is your favorite injury to treat? My favorite diagnosis: crush injuries/poly trauma

What is your favorite part of the job? My favorite part of the job is getting to collaborate with my patients to make interventions more meaningful and related to their daily tasks. I love when my patients come back with new ideas for therapy!

How long have you been practicing? I have been an OT for 43 years. I no longer have a caseload; I coordinate the OT CHT Fellowship program.

What is your favorite injury to treat? When I was treating patients, my favorite diagnosis was thumb arthritis because often those patients could get pain relief after just a few treatment sessions.

What is your favorite part of the job? The favorite part of my job is seeing the Fellows learn and grow in their practice. It tickles me when we are meeting and someone asks a question about a challenging patient, and I don’t even have to answer because they are able to answer each other’s questions. 

What is your favorite part of your job? The most rewarding part about my job is that I get to meet and work with a wide variety of people and learn about not only them as a person, but what they enjoy doing and helping them get back to those valued activities. I love when a patient comes in to the clinic excited to tell me something new that they were able to do as they progress in therapy — nothing beats that!

What is your favorite part of the job? At ARC Physical Therapy+, we are blessed to have some of the best and most talented Occupational Therapists/Certified Hand Therapists in the Kansas City metro area. We all come from different backgrounds and levels of experience, yet share a common goal to provide the best possible care for our patients. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this team.

What is your favorite part of the job? In Occupational Therapy we are trained and known for working with the individual as a ‘whole’. Developing a close working relationship/strong bond with our patients and watching them regain their independence with leisure and work tasks after a limiting injury or diagnosis is very rewarding. Knowing you have an ability to help someone rebuild their life and that they are so appreciative makes for a great ‘job’. It is always rewarding when you feel like you are making a positive difference in someone’s life.

What is your favorite part of the job? I enjoy the variety of people and diagnoses we work with every day. It is rewarding to help others decrease their pain, improve their motion and increase their overall function to return to the activities they enjoy. I especially love that we regularly have patients who drop by to see us after they finish therapy to let us know how they are doing and how therapy helped them return to simple, but rewarding, activities like hugging a family member, holding a child’s hand again, or playing catch with a grandchild! Those things make it all worthwhile.

What is your favorite part of the job? I came to ARC Physical Therapy+ because our core values are a match and I’m able to serve my local community. I enjoy building a clinic and programs for Maryville.

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