Legacy Spotlight: Anne Wingett

Legacy Spotlights feature team members who have dedicated over 5 years to our organization. Their accomplishments and collaborations have made an impact on our organization, and that’s something to highlight and celebrate.

What is your name?

Anne Wingett, MSPT, ASTYM

What is your role at ARC Physical Therapy+?

Clinic Director, Wichita East/Wichita South/Wichita West

How long have you worked at ARCPT+? 

9 years

Which clinics have you worked at? 

I started at the Wichita clinic when there was just one here in town and have worked some in all 3 that are here now. But the original (West) is my home base!

What are some of your favorite memories? 

The Give Back Days will always be some of my favorites. Especially the year where the entire company was issued bright yellow shirts and sent out in the KC area to volunteer!

What do you say to someone who is starting out in PT? 

There are so many different ways to make a difference in PT, whether that be outpatient, home health, inpatient, skilled, pediatrics, etc. Find your niche and what makes you really feel like you’re making a difference. And learn from those around you who have been doing it for a while. Everyone you meet in this field will teach you something.

What makes ARCPT+ different from other clinics you’ve worked at? 

I was surprised when I started here and the leadership team all came in to introduce themselves to me and actually get to know me during my orientation. I had been at my previous job for 10 years and am pretty sure the corporate team there didn’t know my name. I love that ARC is a growing company that still feels like a small company.

Have you been involved in any educational, fellowship or mentoring programs at ARCPT? 

I have had the opportunity to host at least 1-2 PT students every year that I’ve been with ARC. I love getting to educate the next wave of PTs on how a clinic can and should function and the things that make being a therapist so special.

What do you enjoy about working with work comp patients? 

Work comp is truly a team effort. I have developed amazing relationships with case managers, adjusters, physicians, and employers that really help get cases moving in the right direction and get patients back to work and life as quickly as possible. I also really enjoy learning about what people do and getting to go out and see their workplaces, which helps me simulate their job demands in the clinic better.

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