Happy FIRST Anniversary, Jefferson City!

It’s our Jefferson City, MO clinic’s first anniversary! The clinic is proud to serve patients from Jefferson City and the surrounding Cole County area.

Get to know the Jefferson City, MO Clinic
When did the Jefferson City, MO Clinic Open: 


Meet the staff in the Jefferson City, MO Clinic: 

Rebecca Butler, PT, and Kellie Backus, Administrative Assistant

We love people and our patients. When Rebecca treats the patients, she is always very attentive and caring. 

Fun fact about the Jefferson City, MO Clinic

We eat sushi most every week and working out is a BIG part of our lives. 

Favorite part about being in Jefferson City, MO

My Church Community and so many biking and hiking trails near here. The people of Jefferson City are kind and caring. I love the fact that there are children’s homes for the homeless and many other charities not-for-profit.        

Favorite tradition in Jefferson City, MO

Christmas Parade and staying home for the holiday.  We are still building our traditions in Jefferson City, and what a city to do that in. 

Favorite restaurant in Jefferson City, MO

ECCO Lounge and Madison’s is always a treat.

Best place to get coffee in Jefferson City, MO


Best place for a sweet treat in Jefferson City, MO

Central Dairy

Best place to get outdoors in Jefferson City, MO

The Capitol / the grounds and behind the Capitol’s new addition is fantastic. 

Best fun outing in Jefferson City, MO

We love bowling, hiking, and biking all around the city. We also enjoy walking at the Capitol.    

What is Jefferson City, MO known for that people may be surprised to learn?

The Missouri State Prison is haunted. It opened in 1836 and has the oldest cell blocks in Missouri. The prison held many infamous Americans, such as Pretty Boy Floyd.  A few books have been written about The Missouri State Prison — Shanks to Shakers being one.    

Why should potential patients choose ARCPT+ Jefferson City, MO?

The service we provide is top notch. Caring for the patient’s recovery and returning to work is the top priority. We are kind to all our patients, and we are FUN to be around.  You will feel at home walking in the door at ARC Physical Therapy+.   

Anything else you would like to share?

We love working together at ARC Physical Therapy+ and have enjoyed all our patients and look forward to meeting all the newcomers.   

Clinic Services in Jefferson City Include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Post-offer employment testing
  • Work Conditioning
  • Return to Work programs
  • Gary Gray techniques
  • Graston technique
  • Kinesio taping
  • Pain Neuroscience techniques
  • Vestibular/balance programs






Schedule an Appointment

The Jefferson City, MO clinic is located at 744 West Stadium Blvd. Ste E Jefferson City, MO 65109.

Find more info about the Jefferson City clinic here.

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