VIDEO: Our Team and Work Comp Partners Celebrate #20YearsofExcellence

Ben Peterson, PT – Chief Executive Officer, Partner
Tonya Knoettgen, Account Manager
Kimberly Sumner, PT, CMST – Clinic Director, Marketing Director, Partner
Kenya Miller, Claims Examiner, Sedgwick
Tya Sims, Administrative Assistant
Scott Peters, PT, ATC – Clinic Director, Partner
Jana Goolsby, Well-being Coordinator, City of Olathe
Johnna Boswell, RN, CCM, Chief Medical Services Consultant, Synergy Case Management
Dr. Joseph Galate, Owner, Metro Spine & Rehab, P.A. 


Ben Peterson, PT – Chief Executive Officer, Partner: I think that our people are driven by this mission and vision that was founded back in 2003 at the beginning of “we are going to be excellent at everything we do,” not only in terms of taking care of the patients and customers, but also being excellent communicators and really providing this service that goes above and beyond what others are able to do.

Tonya Knoettgen, Account Manager: In 2003, ARC started with one clinic and three employees. Fast forward 20 years later, we are at 32 clinics in three states. We have clinics in Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas, and just over a hundred employees. 

Kimberly Sumner, PT, CMST – Clinic Director, Marketing Director, Partner: One thing that I just am very proud about for our company is how we really strive to give the best individualized care that we can. That’s part of the reason we have so many different lines of service, because that allows us to keep our patient numbers per day down compared to other companies, so we can give more individualized care. I think that sets us apart. That’s part of our mission is to be a catalyst of change in the health care system and that’s not as common in physical therapy clinics anymore to be able to give as much individualized care. So I hope that we can continue to find ways to do that and to change people’s lives with helping them get back to what they love to do or back to their job. 

Ben: We chose from the beginning to focus on workman’s compensation, which is a model that offers the flexibility to not have to see as many patients per day, which results in better quality of care, more one-on-one individualized treatment, which makes the patient better, faster. 

Kenya Miller, Claims Examiner, Sedgwick: So I have partnered with ARC for at least 10 years. I think it might be longer. And my overall experience has been great. Communication is big for us. So I like that we are a partner and we can work together. And if they see something, they will reach out to the doctor as well as to me. 

Tya Sims, Administrative Assistant: I value good care. I value good communication and a good experience. I work with them all, work with the doctors offices, with the nurse case managers and adjusters and employers. So I do have a relationship with most of the frequent patients that we see and employers. 

Scott Peters, PT, ATC – Clinic Director, Partner: Really as a clinic director I like to create an environment that people feel welcome, they feel supported and have a lot of fun. I mean, I think it’s super important to come into work every day and feel like your coworker has your back. 

Jana Goolsby, Well-being Coordinator, City of Olathe: We know when our injured workers go to an ARC Physical Therapy Plus location, that their service they receive is going to be top-notch. We trust the therapists. We know that they’re going to work hard to get our injured workers back to work in a timely manner. 

Johnna Boswell, RN, CCM, Chief Medical Services Consultant, Synergy Case Management: I deal with therapy facilities all over the nation and you will run into companies, facilities, that they have an algorithm. This is what we do, this is how often we’re gonna see them, we are not going to come off that. ARC has always been open to can we try this, can we try this. 

Dr. Joseph Galate, Owner, Metro Spine & Rehab, P.A.: The main thing, especially in this current healthcare environment, getting patients through the system in a seamless manner is very important to me. There’s a lot of roadblocks; and so we send the referral over. I know at that point in time that the patient is going to be taken care of and I don’t have to sit there and worry about are they scheduled, are they getting treatment. They always seem to be right there on the cutting edge of what needs to be done. And they adjust to the situation and the environment that we’re in. And I think that goes a lot to say about them. Not all therapists are the same, just as not all doctors are the same. And so there’s always consistency. 

Johnna: They are exceptional. Their staff is exceptional. Their facilities are phenomenal. And I go back to, I think the biggest issue is, if there’s ever a problem, a concern, it is addressed immediately. 

Ben: You’re going to get exactly what you’ve always got with ARC over the next 20 years, which is excellent service. And that’s because of the group of individuals we have here that are focused on the mission to be a catalyst of change in the marketplace and redefine excellence in health care. 

Tya: Thank you ARC Physical Therapy Plus, you know, for everything. They have been good to me. And so if I’m here 15 more years, that’s real good. 

Tonya: We look out for each other, we care about each other just as much as we do our patients. 

Ben: I’m really excited about the next 20 years.

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