Char Mies Family

Staff Spotlight: Char Mies

What is your name?

Char Mies

KCK ClinicWhat is your role at ARC Physical Therapy+?

Physical Therapist/Clinic Director for KCK clinic

What year did you begin working at ARC Physical Therapy+?


Where are you from?

Akron, NY (a small town outside of Buffalo, NY)

Where did you go to school?

Rockhurst University (BA in Marketing/Management ’89, Masters in PT ’96)

Who or what inspired you to get into the physical therapy space?

I’ve always been fascinated with how the body works but didn’t have those avenues to pursue during my high school education.  My undergrad degree was business so I worked for 4 years in the business world but felt something was missing. I knew I loved to work with people and I had friends who were PTs so I began volunteering as a transporter for a PT clinic over weekends and I was hooked! I could see the difference I could make in their day just by being kind and compassionate as a transporter and I saw the physical improvements being made with the help of the PTs. This looked like a great combination for me! I’ve been doing this for 25 years now and I still enjoy working with my patients, educating them, empowering them, building a relationship with them and getting them well. 

What do you like most about your work at ARC Physical Therapy+?

KCK Clinic PhotoI am very grateful for the opportunity to be clinic director for the KCK clinic. It comes with additional responsibilities that have really stretched me and helped me learn a whole new set of skills. I also really appreciate the management at ARC. I feel known and appreciated by them! Something unique to ARC is that we work with workman’s compensation cases which requires a different level of communication. Our PT expertise is valued by all those involved in these cases and it is nice to be heard.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about the body or physical therapy?

The body is amazing and it will continually adapt to keep you moving until that day it has changed so much that it begins to hurt. PTs are movement specialists. We can analyze faulty movement patterns and determine what is tight, what is weak and focus on changing those things. We are also the eyes for the patients and can coach our patients on these faulty movement patterns that perhaps have become habit now. We will educate how to change those patterns and become more aware and mindful of how you are moving. Patients say all the time “I can’t believe I have to learn to walk again!” but it’s true! It’s so awesome to hear my patients say, “Char, you are in my head and I hear you talking to me!”

Are you involved with any outside organizations?

I’m involved at my church and have served as lead to several ministries. This is where I find my peace!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Char Mies FamilyHang out with my two children, Lily and Jack, while they still like to hang out with their mom :). Visit family/friends; Plant flowers; cook; attend church.

How do you like to celebrate a win or a good day?

Share it with my kids, family and friends, be grateful for it!

What is your favorite quote or saying? 

Really one? “Work as if it all depends on you, pray as if it all depends on God.”  I don’t know who said that but I have seen it a few times and it has really stuck. I work hard but I pray even harder.

Another favorite that gives me the right perspective: “Contentment is not dependent on who we are but on who He is.” – Colleen C Mitchell. 

Favorite Sports Team?

KC Royals 

Sweet or salty?

Hmm, I’m diabetic so need to watch both of these, but if I wasn’t, sweet!

Coffee or tea?


Beach or mountains?


Go out or stay in?

Go out with friends/family if possible. I love to eat out!

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