Kristy Robinson Promoted to Director of Onsite Services

It’s with great excitement we announce Kristy Robinson’s promotion to Director of Onsite Services. Kristy has been with the ARC Physical Therapy+ team since 2009, and joined the Onsite Services team in 2012 where she began working with employers and employees to prevent work-related injuries.

As a Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (CEAS III), she brings 20 years of physical therapy experience to the role. Through her professional career, she has extensive training in ergonomics, job analysis, post offer employment testing, causation analysis, and injury prevention programs.

“Kristy’s ability to work within many environments makes her a strong leader,” Scott Jones, ARC Physical Therapy+ Director of Clinical Support/Partner said. “She offers both professionalism and a true desire to help improve the quality of people’s lives and will be great in her new role as the Director of Onsite Services.”

About Our Onsite Services Offerings

ARC Physical Therapy+’s onsite services meet employers and their employees where they are: at their place of employment.

Onsite services are the first line of defense in work injury prevention. When on-site in the company environment, physical therapists can clearly evaluate workers’ tasks, test workers’ ability to perform tasks and provide a higher level of support for injury rehabilitation.

“The employee benefits tremendously from performing specific job tasks with instruction from an onsite clinician,” Kristy shared. “It is also beneficial to have the employee in their work environment. Physical therapy clinics are usually a comfortable 70 degrees, and most people do not work in that environment.”

By providing therapy services at the job site, we eliminate patient travel time to and from the clinic, incorporate the job site in the rehabilitation process and minimize unproductive down time.

“I really enjoy the onsite world where I am on the job sites seeing firsthand what is required of employees on a daily basis and the way I am able to make a direct impact on their overall wellbeing at that level,” Kristy shared. “I’m excited to continue to work with employers to ensure the safety of their teams with my new role as Onsite Director.”

Contact Us to Learn More About Onsite Services

To see if onsite services are right for your company, contact our Central Business Office at (913) 831-2721.

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