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VIDEO: Prevent Injury During Prolonged Standing and Reaching

Many people have to stand for long stretches at work or reach down a table or belt to move product.

In honor of National Safety Month, Mary Peters, our Director of Onsite Services, shares a few takeaways to help you, or anyone on your team at work, stay safe and prevent injury.

Tips to Prevent Injury During Prolonged Standing

  1. Start with a wide stance.
  2. When reaching forward, stagger your stance so one leg is forward and one is backward. The staggered stance provides greater stability and a longer reach.
  3. Lean against your table, if possible. This will allow you to be more stable and secure.
  4. If standing straight without reaching, keep your feet apart and shift your weight from one foot to the other. 
  5. When moving product or packing items, alternate which hand you reach with and which direction you rotate your body. Rotating will help prevent overuse on one side.

Recovery Stretches for Prolonged Standing and Reaching

  1. Roll forward to stretch your lower back.
  2. Do backward shoulder rolls.
  3. Do shoulder blade squeezes.
  4. Bonus stretch: Roll forward while keeping one foot on a bench or box to enhance the stretch in your lower back.


Want more information on how ARC Physical Therapy+ can help you or your workplace avoid injury? Contact us at 844-755-4272.

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