VIDEO: Lifting and Recovery Techniques to Avoid Injury

Whether at work or at home, it is important to follow good body mechanics when lifting and moving boxes or other heavy items.

In honor of National Safety Month, Mary Peters, our Director of Onsite Services, shares a few tips to help you protect your back and shoulders.

Floor to Waist Lifting Tips

  1. Start with a wide base of support.
  2. Engage your legs by bending your knees. Do not just bend at the waist.
  3. Keep your head looking forward to keep your back in a neutral position.
  4. If you have a weak knee, use a staggered stance. Move your weak leg forward and your strong leg behind.

Overhead Lifting Tips

  1. Use a staggered stance. This allows you to stay close to the weight you are moving.
  2. When picking up the weight, rock back to the back foot of your staggered stance.
  3. Rock forward to your front foot when placing the weight back on the shelf.
  4. Keep the weight directly in front of you to maintain better posture.
  5. Use your forearm to help balance heavy weight when needed.

Recovery Stretches

  1. Slight Backbend: Put your hands on your hips and push your hips/stomach forward.
  2. Forward Roll: Tuck your head and let your arms fall forward toward your toes.


Want more information on how ARC Physical Therapy+ can help you or your workplace avoid injury? Contact us at 844-755-4272. 

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