Meet Occupational Therapist/Certified Hand Therapist: Wendy MacNeill

How long have you been a Occupational Therapist/Certified Hand Therapist?
I have been a board-certified hand therapist/CHT for 11 years and an occupational therapist/OT for 21 years. I also have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration/Marketing.

What clinics do you treat out of?
I work part-time in our Kansas City, Kansas clinic off of Parallel Parkway, near the Legends shopping area.

What got you interested in being an Occupational Therapist in the first place?
My mother had bilateral rotator cuff repairs and I started taking her to therapy. In the process, I became interested in her rehab and ultimately went back to get my Masters degree in Occupational Therapy at Rockhurst University.

Why do you love being an Occupational Therapist/Certified Hand Therapist?
I love helping others and especially enjoy when patients come back to visit 1-2 years after completing therapy to let us know how we helped them in the long run. It is great to hear about the life experiences that patients have been able to achieve that they never thought possible. It is wonderful to feel that your work helped in a small way to assist individuals with reaching those goals.

What is a fun fact about you?
I have twins, I love to travel, and I am a certified scuba diver.

What makes you unique as an Occupational Therapist?
I have specialty training in PAMS (Physical Agent Modalities); I am a CKTP (Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner) and I am currently mentoring an Occupational Therapy Fellowship student.

What is something you wish people knew about Occupational Therapy or Certified Hand Therapy?
Our specialty area encompasses the entire upper quadrant from shoulder to hand, we do not just treat from the wrist to fingertips. And, though the word “Occupation” is in our title, we do not specialize in finding people jobs; rather, we work to get our clients back to participating in their daily ‘occupations’ or tasks to help them get back to work, daily activities and recreational interests.

Want to learn more about hand therapy or occupational therapy? Contact us at (913) 831-2721.

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