A Letter From Our CMO, Brian Stewart: Being the Best

We are the best out-patient therapy provider in the Midwest. There, I said it.

I believe it and we’re going to live it every day in 2017. I’m not stating this with an intent to be arrogant or snide, but we’re not afraid of embracing the belief that we are the best.

I think I better explain before we get too far along.

We Are Committed to Every Customer Experience

To be the best means you need an intense belief in what you are doing and that what you’re doing matters to the people you work with and serve.

We’re a service-based industry—no, we’re not just a healthcare engine—we’re in customer service every day. We set a goal this year to be the best customer service delivery company we can and we’re going to make that happen through our belief, passion and commitment to making every customer experience memorable. This isn’t a new concept to ARC Physical Therapy+ but with all the “noise” in the healthcare industry these days and all the pressure to become a volumized, commoditized business, the belief in and delivery of customer service often takes a back seat. Not this year and not with this company.

We Have the Best People

Back to being the best… we’re the best because we have the best people. It’s true. We have the best clinicians, administrative staff, billing department, scheduling department, on-site team and marketing group you could possibly imagine.

You have to be two things to work at ARC Physical Therapy+: a great person and a great worker, in that order. In order to grow we will find more of the “best” people and cultivate the people we have into the next “best” people.

We’re doing this in 2017 by:

  • Committing to an improved continuing education program for our clinicians that is not only based on their perceived needs, but also on what our customer’s need. It includes training in communication, vestibular therapy, specialized orthopedic care and our push to grow the next great Certified Hand Therapists through our Occupational Therapy Fellowship Program.
  • Committing to growing the best administrative team by revisiting simple things like making a great phone call, improving our understanding of our referral source’s needs and dedicating ourselves to taking that extra step to show our customers what it feels like to have someone care. We want to turn healthcare back into a care conversation, not a business transaction.

We Are Committed to Our Community

The last reason (I could go on and on, but I’m running out of space) we’re the best is our commitment to servicing our communities. We’ve always believed in giving back, but this year it’s going to have extra meaning and emphasis through our development of a charitable committee and giveback calendar.

Rather than just having one community-based day of service or “GiveBack Day” in 2017, we have ongoing service opportunities for our staff and their families throughout the year. We’re doing this through a unique calendar-based software system called VolunteerMark that allows us to organize, track and manage volunteer events for both the non-profits we serve and our staff. We’ll be doing everything from sorting diapers for Happy Bottoms to serving meals at the Ronald McDonald House.

That’s where you—our friends, resources and customers come in—if you have an organization you’re passionate about and it needs a little help, please let us know. We’re looking for opportunities to serve in Kansas City, Wichita, Springfield, Des Moines, St. Joseph and Topeka.

Thank You for Your Support

I’ll end by thanking each of you for being part of ARC Physical Therapy+’s success. Without you and the opportunities you provide us every day to be the BEST, none of this would be possible.

If you want the best for your company, your customers and your patients, send them to ARC Physical Therapy+. Then they’ll know why being the BEST matters!


Brian Stewart, DPT

Partner, CMO

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