VIDEO: Kimberly Sumner, PT, CMST – Clinic Director, Marketing Director, Partner



I think ARC definitely shines compared to other therapy clinics.

First of all, based on the multiple lines of service that we provide. It’s just a different company. We treat patients that have had injuries at home or out and about in the community that we treat through private insurance. And then we also treat a lot of patients who have been injured on their jobs. We do post-offer employment testing. We have on-site services where we have a team that actually goes out to employers and works with them.

And I think the other big thing that sets us apart is the family feel you’ll get in all the clinics. Currently having been a director of a clinic, I can’t tell you, at least once a week I have a patient come up to me and say how much they appreciate how we all work together as a team and how they’ve, even though they’ve had one therapist assigned to them, that they’ve enjoyed getting to know the other people in the clinic and how they felt greeted and cared for. Our hope is that that’s happening in all of our clinics.

So compared to the first year that we were open as a company back in 2003. Today we see more visits in one day than we did in that entire year. We see over 100,000 visits a year, and I believe currently 65% of that is work comp patients. So we’ve grown a ton as far as expand our services with different employers, getting to know different physicians that work with a lot of work comp injured people, case managers, adjusters. We’ve built relationships with a lot of different groups and have become really, I’d say, the specialist in working with all the different entities that can be involved in a work comp claim and helping to be the catalyst to help make that claim move along smoothly.

One thing that I just am very proud about for our company is how we really strive to give the best individualized care that we can. That’s part of the reason we have so many different lines of service, because that allows us to keep our patient numbers per day down compared to other companies so we can give more individualized care. I think that sets us apart and that’s part of our mission is to be a catalyst of change in the healthcare system and that’s not as common in physical therapy clinics anymore to be able to give as much individualized care. So I hope that we can continue to find ways to do that and to change people’s lives with helping them get back to what they love to do or back to their job.

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