Staff Spotlight: Rachel Hoefing

What is your name?  

Rachel Hoefing

What is your role at ARC Physical Therapy+?  

Business Development Liaison for Wichita

What year did you begin working at ARC Physical Therapy+?


Where are you from?

My dad was in the military, so I’ve moved around my whole life.  However, I call Colorado home.

Where did you go to school?

I have a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University in Business Management/Marketing.

Who or what inspired you to get into physical therapy?

I moved to Kansas in July 2022 and I wasn’t really looking for a job, but I was perusing Facebook one day and saw a post for the business development liaison.  When I read the job description, I felt like it was written for me.  While I wasn’t looking for a new role at the time, I felt led in this direction and it stayed on my mind for several days while I decided if I wanted to make a career change or not. I have no regrets and still feel like that job description was written for me.

What do you like most about your work at ARC Physical Therapy+?

My favorite part about ARCPT+ is how genuine and helpful everyone is. I have never encountered a single person at this company that wasn’t willing to do anything they could to help someone else. It’s incredible to see so many wonderful people all in the same place.  In terms of my job duties, I love the ability to learn more about local companies and to meet and network with so many amazing people who are instrumental in growing their companies and their workforce in positive ways.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about the body or physical therapy? 

I love that Kansas offers open access to physical therapy so in many cases you don’t need to see a doctor first.  PT can be used at the onset of minor injuries before they progress to more serious injuries. 

Are you involved with any outside organizations? 

I have recently accepted a volunteer role with my husband’s military unit as their squadron key spouse. In this role, I will help facilitate communication between the military leadership and the spouses and families of service members.

My family, including our 3 pibbles, standing on the Corner of Winslow, AZ as we were moving from Nevada to Kansas. I don’t know if we’ll get that far west again so I wanted to take the opportunity to stop when we could. The town was adorable, and our pups were happy for the short walk.


What do you like to do in your free time?  

I love to read.  I don’t watch any tv, but I read between 75-100 books per year. I also love to explore and photograph new places with my family. Having lived all over the world, I love learning about the local area where I’m living. My family will be headed to Branson, MO this summer to explore, and I have lots of smaller, more local trips planned to see various landmarks. I love historical landmarks as well, so I try to find historical points to visit along our travels.

In the top image, my husband, son, and I are at the sign for Rachel, NV. We spent that day driving up the Extraterrestrial Highway and called it our ali’venture. We made some fun alien stops along the way including the black mailbox in Alamo, NV.

How do you like to celebrate a win or a good day? 

I’m a big fan of a celebratory meal, but I also like to just sit on my back deck and enjoy the peace and quiet.

What is your favorite quote?

I have tons of quotes that I love, and am drawn to great song lyrics too!  I think I have a tie between “Well behaved women rarely make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich and “Keep on dreaming, even if it breaks your heart” – Eli Young Band.

My husband and I with my bestie and her husband the day we completed Tough Mudder.

Sweet or salty? 


Beach or mountains? 

Mountains!  But I have the Maldives on my vacation bucket list too.  

Go out or stay in? 

Stay in.

What is your best joke? 

I can’t think of one right now, but I love a good dad joke and I never miss an opportunity to inject some humor, dad jokes, or puns into everyday conversations. I always tell my husband “We’ve got puns, hun.”

What inspires you? 

Real Life. Stories of people overcoming incredible challenges and coming out the other side. I believe that people are amazing, and everyone has the opportunity to inspire others and if we live that challenge, our impact will be immeasurable. 

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