5 Things That Make ARC Physical Therapy+ A Great Company To Work For

Let’s be honest, job hunting is not something most people enjoy. Making sure that you are landing in the right spot with the right employer can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. That’s why we provide a world-class work environment, dedicated to healing our patients. We recently sat down with Anne Wingett, Physical Therapist and Director of the Wichita, Kansas clinics to learn what makes ARC Physical Therapy+ stand out as an employer.

  1. Family First Culture

First and foremost, the ARC Physical Therapy+ family is just that, a family. In 2023 we will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary. From the humble beginnings of one clinic in North Kansas City, Missouri we now have 29 clinics throughout Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. Even when that makes us a growing company, we work hard to make sure our culture is family orientated, open, and welcoming to those who join us. From our yearly Halloween costume competition to leadership and the corporate office being accessible and willing to listen, we work hard to make everyone welcomed and heard.

Anne shared, “The peace of mind of knowing that you are not just a cog in a giant wheel is invaluable. ARCPT+ is a growing company that still seems like a small company in the most important ways, such as the CEO not just knowing your name, but also knowing about your family, the things you find important, and simply being available and accessible to everyone in the company at any time.

Another important note about ARC Physical Therapy+ is that we are also run by physical therapists. Our CEO and Partners are still practicing physical therapists. Why is this important? When a new program or rule is passed down from our leadership you know that they have investigated it and understand the impact it makes in our day-to-day patient care.

  1. Individual Growth Encouraged

Not only do we want to grow as a business, but we also want to see our individual employees grow. 

Every year ARCPT+ sets up and hosts several Continuing Educating Unit (CEU) opportunities not only our own employees but for outside therapists as well. Setting up in house CEUs for programs like Gray Institute and the McKenzie Method helps our therapist grow and allows us to contribute to the community. In addition, when a therapist shows interest in a program or new technique they are encouraged to investigate it further. Recently, several therapists have received their dry needling certifications and can now offer this treatment in their clinics.

ARC Physical Therapy+ is also proud to offer a fellowship in hand therapy. The Certified Hand Therapy fellowship provides therapists the opportunity, under the guidance of a Certified Hand Therapist for three-years, to work towards their certification.

Anne states, “ARCPT+ invests a lot into employees, everything from continuing education for different treatment techniques to personal growth and leadership skills. Most companies will provide some type of reimbursement for continuing education, but ARCPT+ is unique in that they also strive to help employees become better listeners, managers, and team members. This type of enrichment is not only beneficial for work life but carries over and improves interactions with friends and family, as well.”

Growth not only comes in CEU’s and fellowship programs but also growth in your personal career. Our CEO, Ben Peterson, is a shining example of the growth opportunities that ARC Physical Therapy+ can offer to its employees. Over the years Ben has worked from being our very first physical therapy student, to clinic therapist, and now CEO. 

  1. One-on-One Patient Care

Industry standards show that an average physical therapist will:

  • See 16-20+ patients over an 8-hour period every day.
  • Spend around 20 minutes of hands-on time with each patient.
  • Have a patient visit from 30-90 minutes per visit.

At ARC Physical Therapy+ we pride ourselves on the amount of one-on-one care we provide to our patients. On average our clinicians are treating 9-10 patients a day with visit lengths of 60-90 minutes. Every initial evaluation is a guaranteed one-on-one 60-minute session.  

ARCPT+ commitment to one-on-one care results in patients that are confident in their care team, a better patient experience, and better treatment outcomes. Our patients know their treatment team and know what to expect.

  1. Commitment to Teamwork

Therapists work collaboratively with referring physicians and other members of the care team ensuring the proper protocols are followed and we are progressing within the expected guidelines.

Anne added, “More opportunities to work as part of a team, along with MDs, adjusters, CMs, etc. I worked for nearly 10 years in PT and never got to sit down with any of these people to discuss what they really wanted/needed from a therapy provider. It is incredibly beneficial to develop relationships with referral sources in order make sure everyone is on the same page with getting a patient back to work/life as efficiently as possible.”

  1. Helping Others Return to Work

ARC Physical Therapy+ focuses on the injured workers community and embraces the role of workers’ compensation specialists. Roughly 60-70% of our patients come to us from a workers’ compensation claim. Though these patients sometimes get a bad rap, our clinicians find their work fulfilling as we are helping workers get back to their livelihood. We often use the same treatments and techniques that are part of getting highly conditioned athletes back to sports.

Anne stated, “Work comp has a bad reputation in general, with people assuming everyone claiming injury at work is just looking for a payday. Most of the people we see are hard-working individuals who sustained legitimate injuries and just want to get back to normal. Sure, there are a few people that perpetuate that stereotype, but those situations are few and you work as part of a team to navigate those situations.” 

Our expertise allows us to help patients through the workers’ comp process. We know it’s a challenge and we’re here to be a resource for their questions and a positive influence on the overall outcome.

Anne went on, “Having a work injury has a lot of components other than just the injury itself. Patients must navigate financial implications, stress on their families, fear of losing their job or not being able to return to their career/livelihood. Helping people get back to the level they were before an injury is like helping them get their lives back in many ways. We develop great relationships with many of our patients and get to learn about things that we never would have gotten to experience otherwise.”

Learning about the specific job demands, allows our therapists to enter into unique work environments so that we can accurately simulate those requirements. We have toured factories, warehouses, production facilities, and meat packing plants. We have also studied the ergonomics of surgeons to reduce the risk of injuries in the surgical suite, and have been in the lion enclosures working with zookeepers to learn about their job requirements firsthand. Anne is no stranger to treating the staff from the Sedgwick County Zoo.

Anne explained, “Workers’ comp cases involve some of the most fun patients I’ve treated! We try to do our best to simulate job-specific tasks to be sure an injured worker is safe to return to the work environment. In cases like this, that work environment might mean interacting with/caring for giant animals, manipulating crazy enclosures, and creating unique enrichment projects. I learn so much from them and they have the greatest stories!”

Looking to the Future

The work that we do at ARC Physical Therapy+ is rewarding and sometimes life changing for our patients. In the 20 years that we have operated, we have worked hard to maintain a culture that is welcoming and growing for our employees. 

Here at ARC Physical Therapy+, we are on a mission. Our mission “To be a catalyst of change in the marketplace by redefining excellence in healthcare” includes all of us. From leadership, to support staff, to our excellent clinicians, our focus is providing an excellent patient experience and care. In all of our 20 years, we have never wavered in that focus. We hope to welcome you to our family too!

Explore our current openings here or send us your resume today to find your perfect fit. 

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