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Our Partners Share: Exciting Things Happening in Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy space is ever changing, so we asked each of our partners what they find most exciting about the Physical Therapy space right now and how they believe we can continue to redefine excellence in healthcare.

Scott Jones, PT, Director of Clinical Support Services, Partner

Scott Jones 2020In our current environment, physical therapy is as essential and vital as it has ever been. Many people have been off work or working from home, potentially leading to decreased levels of physical activity and fitness.

As some are returning to physically demanding jobs in a deconditioned state, physical therapists will be instrumental in keeping this workforce healthy.

Physical therapists can also have a significant impact on decreasing the dependence on opioid medications and preventing falls in the elderly and deconditioned to mention a few examples. I believe the healthcare community will rely on our profession as we all progress towards a more proactive health care system.

Kimberly Sumner, PT, CMST, OP Clinic Director, Partner

Pain neuroscience and the amazing capacity of our brains and bodies.

There is so much research and new treatment techniques coming out to help us treat patients with persistent pain successfully.

It is extremely rewarding to see someone who has struggled for some time get back to the things they love to do. That is our main motivator!

Rich Kidwell, PT, Regional Director, Partner

I think Physical Therapy is vastly under-utilized in healthcare and has the ability to be a major part of developing a more proactive and preventative healthcare system.

Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are highly trained and should be much more utilized in the early management of musculoskeletal disorders. I think we are starting to see other disciplines and insurances recognize that, which will mean great things for the profession in the future.

Christy McClain, PT, Regional Director, PartnerLeadership - Christy McClain

Helping people find a way to manage their injury in order to successfully heal. I take great pride in seeing people improve and sharing in their successes. Therapy has a unique ability to challenge others to heal themselves.

Scott PetersScott Peters, PT, ATC, Clinic Director, Partner

The current marketplace is really competitive which is a positive. It pushes the profession to have excellent clinicians which ultimately leads to effective treatments and positive outcomes for patients.

Ben Peterson, PT, CEO, Partner

It’s changed more in the last 2 years than it has the previous 20! Some of the changes have been good, others not so good. The volatility in our space, though a little unsettling, has created some exciting opportunities. I am proud that we are in a great position to be able to take advantage of the opportunities and further expand the reach of our mission. 

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