Applied Functional Science: “I look at the body in a whole new way”

At ARC Physical Therapy+, we are dedicated to providing the best care for our patients. As part of that we offer a robust continuing education offering for our clinicians.

“Typically, we host an Applied Functional Science course, through the Gray Institute, for our therapists each year,” says Scott Jones, Physical Therapist and Partner. “In the past few years our therapists have had the opportunity to attend and receive the Certification in Applied Functional Science or CAFS.”

What is CAFS?

Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS) gives movement professionals like physical therapists the skills and knowledge to approach each individual according to their unique goals and daily function.

With Applied Functional Science our PTs learn how to take an individualized approach to program design and create truly functional programs for patients.

Why does ARC Physical Therapy+ invest in this training annually?

ARC Physical Therapy+ always strives to improve our outcomes by applying the most evidence-based and industry respected philosophies in the field.

Applied Functional Science has been a long-standing evidence-based treatment approach used for the treatment of movement imbalances and musculoskeletal disorders for high level athletes and injured workers. We have seen excellent outcomes using this approach in our over 15 years treating this patient population.

The Gray Institute trainings have helped me look at the dynamics of the human body in a whole new way,” says Danielle Hass, Lead Physical Therapist in Tiffany Springs.

“The courses have helped me become more efficient at examining the entire body through performing global/functional movements. I have a better understanding of how to look for the underlying joint/muscle tightness that can cause pain and deficits up the chain. This has helped my physical therapy treatment be more effective overall.”

Why is Applied Functional Science important?

Applied Functional Science assesses an individual’s mobility and stability while performing a functional activity. It strives for optimal movement strategies to better tolerate a specific loading of the tissues. This allows for successful injury prevention or rehabilitation following an injury.

What makes it different from other PT theories?

Applied Functional Science looks at the entire chain and movements at each joint and in each plane of motion. It assesses the body’s ability to get into and out of a loading pattern properly for optimal performance whether competing in sports or working as an industrial athlete. Our patients are ready to return to their sport or physically demanding job and to safely excel at their position.

How many ARC Physical Therapy+ clinicians have taken this training?

We have 20 therapists who have completed the Certification in Applied Functional Science training and 16 therapists who have completed the 3D Movement Analysis & Performance System (3DMAPS) training.

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To learn more about the Gray Institute trainings and how they help our team evaluate, and treat patients based on the knowledge that one part of the body effects another, contact your local ARC Physical Therapy+ clinic or contact us at 844-755-4272.

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