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A Note from Our Partners: Reflecting on 2020 and A Vision for the Future

As we enter a new year, our partners take a look back at the lessons we’ve learned in 2020 and look toward the future with optimism and hope. Let’s look at what each partner shared on how they believe we can continue to redefine excellence in healthcare.

Ben Peterson, PT – Chief Operations Officer, Partner

In 17 years, we have evolved from one clinic in a warehouse space in an industrial park in North Kansas City to 26 clinics across the Midwest. Looking forward, we will continue to add clinics in areas where our customers have needs, and where we feel the marketplace is underserved.

We have great depth in work comp leadership, knowledge, and experience in all segments of our company, including the leadership team, our clinical staff, our marketing team, and our billing team. Developing our role as workers’ compensation leaders will be on the forefront.

My vision is that ARCPT+ will be a place where highly engaged employees are passionate about meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. At ARC, they will have the opportunity for rewarding and fulfilling careers. This is made possible by:

  • An organizational structure built for the long-term
  • A nimbleness that allows us to respond quickly to the needs of the marketplace
  • A continued focus on care and concern in helping meet our customers’ needs
  • A family-first culture: One Family. One Mission.

Scott Jones, PT – Director of Clinical Support, Partner

Scott Jones 2020Looking forward, ARCPT+ will maintain, live, and evolve our mission to be a catalyst of change in healthcare.

We will continue to grow and expand as the healthy work force solution in the Midwest. We will do this by:

  • Increasing our footprint to bring our workers’ compensation solutions to new areas with the addition of clinic locations
  • Expanding and improving on the services and solutions we currently offer our partner employers

We will help our communities and partners manage their work comp and health care needs with innovative and proactive evidence-based therapy and injury prevention strategies. We will provide:

  • The highest quality patient care
  • Valuable and meaningful data to help our partner employers identify specific strategies to prevent future injuries and drastically cut their healthcare costs
  • A collaborative approach to identify new challenges and needs that have evolved in 2020, and create exciting new and effective resolutions to those needs

Our goal is to remain the very best place to work. We will do this by:

  • Continuing to hire exceptional people and skilled clinicians
  • Support our team’s growth through cutting-edge continued education, internal training and development programs
  • Having a fun and energetic atmosphere that combines our family values as a small locally founded therapy provider, with the resources and support of a larger growing company
  • Continuing to back and support local organizations by donating our time and resources

Rich Kidwell, PT – Regional Director, Partner

Rich Kidwell 20212020 has been one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my professional career. Challenging in that we as a company have navigated obstacles that none of us could have ever previously imagined. Rewarding in the way that we (all of us at ARCPT+) responded to these challenges. As a result, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to be adaptable.

Many times throughout the year as soon as I would make a plan for a situation, circumstances would change and I would have to adapt and pivot to a new plan. Each individual who works at ARCPT+ has had to adapt to a changing environment and their ability to do so has helped us navigate the challenges of 2020. 

As things get challenging, my philosophy is to get back to the fundamentals:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Great patient care

This focus led us to our new tagline: One Family. One Mission. Every person who works at ARCPT+ has played a part in our success over the past year and has stepped up to the challenges and responded in ways that makes me proud to be associated with each and every person here. 

When I came to ARCPT+ in 2012, I was intrigued by the mission to be a catalyst of change in the marketplace by redefining excellence in healthcare. As I have grown in my role at the company over the last 8 years (from staff PT to lead PT to director to regional director and now partner) I have seen this mission at work and know the impact it can have.

ARCPT+ is more than a physical/occupational therapy company. By focusing on excellence, we have the ability to impact our overall healthcare system and change people’s expectation of what their healthcare experience should be like.

We will do this by:

  • Focusing on value-based care rather than volume-based care to ensure patients receive the best care and best outcomes possible
  • Ensuring we have highly skilled people (in every position) who provide high-quality customer service both internally and externally
  • Acting with integrity as a company and showing respect to everyone
  • Having a highly engaged staff who understands who/what ARCPT+ is
  • Remaining focused on our established goals
  • Seeking evidenced-based, patient-centered educational opportunities

Christy McClain, PT – Regional Director, Partner

Leadership - Christy McClainLooking back on the year I have learned in order to navigate a pandemic successfully you have to be flexible and understand that things are going to change moment to moment, requiring a plethora of patience. We learned from the experiences this year that we live in a world where teamwork and togetherness are essential to providing the safest environment for our patients to continue to receive quality care (which allowed us to keep our doors open the entire year)!

We celebrate the fact that our employers, doctors, case managers, adjusters and patients trusted us to continue therapy during a very scary time and we are so thankful to have had and continue to have that opportunity. I am looking forward to the upcoming year in hopes that things calm down and get back to some level of “normal” knowing that if we don’t get there we can continue to grow and be successful.

Looking to the future, my vision is that:

  • Every interaction at each of our ARCPT+ locations is of the same high quality
  • Our staff continues to develop and evolve educationally and clinically in order to bring the best quality of care into the clinics and serve as the go-to resource for providers in our communities
  • We will continue to establish ourselves as the experts in the work comp community, leading the industry in return to work care, and be the best at it in every one of our clinics

Bring on 2021!

Scott Peters, PT, ATC – Clinic Director, Partner

Scott PetersWhen I look to our future, I am brought back to a founding principle that is as clear now as it was in our infancy: do what is right.

To do what is right means:

  • Treating patients with kindness
  • Doing the work required for the best outcome
  • Communicating and growing with your work family
  • Not settling for the way things currently are in our industry
  • To trailblaze and be a maverick in order to pursue excellence

Our vision lies within the strength of our people. We want to:

  • Foster growth within our clinicians so they can continue to provide high-level service that features a variety of effective treatment styles
  • Empower our staff to be leaders and highlight their strengths so they can excel in their field
  • Showcase the compassion we have for others and the remarkable individuals that make up our family

We strive to improve outcomes, but at the end of the day what matters is bigger than that: It is the caring spirit we bring to each of our patients.

Kimberly Sumner, PT, CMST – Clinic Director, Partner

Kimberly Sumner 2020The cliché that every day is a gift has hit home more than ever this past year. During this year the world, our country, and our communities endured so much more than a global pandemic. This year was also strewn with political and civil unrest that opened our eyes as to how much we have to learn and change. It seemed as if we would barely begin to process and respond to one event before something else would happen. I found myself saying “one day at a time” and truly meaning it. Trying to do my part to be present and give what I could to my family, co-workers and patients each day proved to be therapeutic. I learned how much I have and how little I really do need. My impression is that many people in my community have learned the same. However, not everyone can say the same at the end of this year. Many people’s lives have been changed or redirected permanently. My hope is that as a result from lessons learned in 2020 that our eyes remain to be open and we carry a new sensitivity for ALL in our path directly and indirectly.

I choose to celebrate pushing through the rough times and how we have grown as a company/family. I work with some amazing individuals that genuinely want the best for each other and our company as a whole. Gaining the perspective of what goes on in meetings behind the scenes during this last half of the year has proven what I’ve always felt: ARCPT+ is driven by people who deeply care about their staff and doing what is best and right for them, the people we serve, and our company as a whole. One family. One mission.

My vision for ARCPT+ is to continue to set ourselves apart as an all-inclusive therapy company that values:

  • Excellence in care through relationships with all referral sources
  • One-on-one patient care
  • Ongoing education and development of staff
  • Innovation in treatment as the world around us continues to change

Through it all, one thing remains the same: patients need to restore function to fully participate in their personal and work lives.

As physical and occupational therapists, we stand ready to provide non-invasive treatment for a wide variety of diagnoses and to help our patients get back to what they love.

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