Cosentino’s: ARC Physical Therapy+ is a Tremendous Partner

Family-owned Cosentino’s Food Stores are committed to providing their customers with the highest level of friendly, efficient and courteous service. They treat their customers right and they treat their employees with that same respect.

As part of that, they decided to seek an organization that could help them better hire the right people, people that were physically capable of doing their jobs, so they could thrive in their new position and provide a high-level of service to the organization.

Aaron J. Greer, Director of Human Resources for Cosentino’s Food Service, explains, “We were looking for an organization that was small enough to understand our needs and where we would be valued, but also one that was large enough to be able to accommodate our needs. Certainly, being based in Kansas City played a part in our decision as well.”

ARC Physical Therapy+’s Onsite Services are the first line of defense in work injury prevention. Physical therapists analyze the job, help the employer hire people who can safely perform the job, identify risk factors of the job and help decrease or eliminate these risk factors.

ARC Physical Therapy+ provides the following services to Cosentino’s:

  • Job Analysis: A functional job analysis is the first and most critical step of a comprehensive injury management program. The job analysis is the cornerstone for determining the essential functions of the position and for developing testing to determine the physical capabilities of an employee.
  • Post Offer Employment Test: These tests determine a baseline of function for each employee and identify pre-existing conditions. They can include things like a medical questionnaire, dynamic lifting test, job simulation and a thorough musculoskeletal examination.
  • Ergonomic Assessments: Assess the workplace, identify potential risks and redefine functional job requirements.
Kristy Robinson, Physical Therapist Assistant/Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist at ARC Physical Therapy+

“Onsite service, specifically job analyses, provide an object measure of the physical demands of the work required on a given day,” Kristy Robinson, ARC Physical Therapy+ Physical Therapist Assistant/Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist, explained. “This is helpful for the development of Post Offer Employment Testing as well as in the rehabilitation of an injured employee.”

And the investment in these services has paid off. “Since beginning to work with ARC Physical Therapy+, we have far less new employees who are unable to perform the essential functions of the job once they begin work,” Greer shared.

“We very much value our partnership with ARC Physical Therapy+, and they are aiding in the avoidance of musculoskeletal injuries,” Greer continued. “I would certainly recommend ARC Physical Therapy+ to other employers. They have taken the time to learn our business and not simply place us in a template. They have been a tremendous partner through the years and I feel that they truly have our best interests at heart when administering our program, all the way from our Account Contact to the Clinicians in the facilities.”

To see if onsite services are right for your company, contact our Central Business Office at (913) 831-2721 or email Tonya Knoettgen at

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