Meet OT Sami Fuller: Talented Therapist in CHT Fellowship Program

This month is National Occupational Therapy month, and we are taking that time to help our partners and patients get to know some of the amazing OT’s we have on staff. Sami Fuller is an OT who works in our Liberty and Blue Springs clinics. She went to The University of Kansas Medical Center and has been working at ARC Physical Therapy+ for two years.

Meet OT Sami Fuller

Meet Sami Fuller, an OT at our Blue Springs, Liberty, and Lee's Summit clinics who discovered (and fell in love with!) CHT thanks to #ARCPTplus while she was a student at KU Medical Center. #OTMonth

Posted by ARC Physical Therapy+ on Monday, April 9, 2018

She always knew she wanted to go into a profession centering around helping people, but didn’t know in what capacity. When she found Occupational Therapy, she was pleased that it was a great combination of helping people and an intellectually challenging endeavor.

Hand therapy became the perfect niche for Sami, “I discovered hand therapy through ARC Physical Therapy+. During my time at KU Med, we had a one-week rotation and I got placed with ARC Physical Therapy+. I got to work alongside Jan Taylor and just fell in love with it, and from that point on, I knew it’s what I wanted to do. I was very fortunate to come here after graduation.”

Sami is part of the CHT fellowship program and is working on becoming a Certified Hand Therapist. That requires being a licensed practitioner for three years along with 4,000 hours of upper extremity hands-on care before taking an examination.

While Sami is still working towards her CHT certification, she is qualified to help anyone needing hand therapy, elbow therapy or shoulder therapy. You can reach her at our Liberty, Missouri clinic at (816) 792-0849 and our Blue Springs clinic at (816) 988-2800.

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