So Much More Than Physical Therapy

At ARC Physical Therapy+, we’re so much more than just physical therapy—we’re a leader in helping companies support and cultivate a healthy workforce. Our services are patient-focused with comprehensive injury prevention, rehabilitation and return to work offerings.

Physical Therapy & Occupational/Hand Therapy

We provide therapy based on functional job demands identified in the Job Analysis we conduct. As workers’ compensation specialists, we optimize patient participation through education. Our commitment to timely communication with all parties enables quality case resolution, and our Return to Work outcomes are second to none.

Concussion Management/Vestibular Rehabilitation

When concussion management and vestibular rehabilitation is needed, we evaluate the patient to determine an optimal vestibular rehab treatment plan. Examining cognition, balance, muscle strength and oculomotor function, we create guided, individualized exercise progression targeting post-concussion deficits and we facilitate manual therapy for musculoskeletal limitations.

Functional Job Analysis (JA)

A Functional Job Analysis is the cornerstone of comprehensive injury management and Total Employee Health programs. The analysis identified the essential functions and physical requirements of the job, providing a foundation for Post Offer Employment Testing and Fit for Duty Testing. It also helps employers and doctors assign meaningful work restrictions for modified duty and Return to Work programs. A detailed Job Analysis is an important component of ARC Physical Therapy+ outcome reports, as well as assessment of medical team value.

Fit for Duty Testing

Fit for Duty Testing creates an individualized assessment based on employee’s specific Job Analysis. This testing is utilized for Return to Work, job transfer and “at risk” determinations.

Sincerity of Effort Testing

Sincerity of Effort Testing increases the ability to correctly identify patient non-compliance and malingering. The testing is based on the “distraction” testing method, including the visual appearance of the workload. By comparing measurements taken in repeated measures protocols, we can provide a statistical, objective analysis of effort.

Onsite Therapy and Work Conditioning

Onsite Therapy and Work Conditioning is used for work reintegration for jobs that are difficult to simulate in a traditional therapy environment. We provide ergonomic and postural strategies for the worker at the job site, as well as graduated hours of work reintegration at production speed with clinical oversight. This can be used to determine adherence to work restrictions.

Individual Ergonomic Assessments

Individual Ergonomic Assessments identifies risk factors and provides recommendations for adaptations or alterations of the work, educating patients on how to reduce their risk factors.

XRTS Functional Capacity Evaluations

XRTS Functional Capacity Evaluations provide a safe, functional determination for Return to Work, assessing current physical capabilities in relation to job requirements. Test results are available within 24 hours of patient’s appointment and are evidence-based, legally defensible and statistically-supported.

Outcome Reports and ODG Comparisons

ARCPT+ outcome data helps clients evaluate the “true cost” and total claim cost. We provide objective utilization data specific to an individual diagnosis, and outcomes consider co-morbidity factors such as smoking, diabetes and obesity. Our data demonstrates cost savings to your executive team and helps you make objective decisions to better manage your healthcare initiatives. We also help you compare and contrast service deliverables and select and evaluate your treatment team while establishing a basis for meaningful dialogue with your health care providers.

S.T.R.I.V.E. Work Conditioning

S.T.R.I.V.E. Work Conditioning creates individualized programs based on functional job demands. We combine sports-based therapy with functional movements proven to reduce the recurrence of injury.

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) saves employers millions by ensuring they hire workers who can perform the physical demands of the job. POET collects baseline physical measurements for comparative analysis following injury or trauma and helps identify health risks associated with pre-existing cardiovascular, degenerative or cumulative trauma disorders. The testing provides a “capable” or “not capable” result with legally defensible data for potential workers’ compensation injury claims.

Contact us to learn how you can support and cultivate a healthy workforce.

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