Living Our Mission Statement: Being a Catalyst of Change In 2018

By: Colleen Norris, Partner/Practice Administrator

I have been in healthcare for almost 40 years and the changes that have occurred over that time have been tremendous. I’ve seen everything from patient care innovations, new payment methodologies, advancing technology, improved workflow processes and my personal favorite… a focus on outcome data.

In fact, one of my first tasks when hired at ARC Physical Therapy+ 10 years ago was to find a way to collect meaningful outcome data.

Initially, we began collecting co-morbidities which consisted of health or environmental conditions we felt could be attributed to a patient’s outcome. From there, we progressed to tracking episodes of care and comparing our treatment to Official Disability Guidelines (ODG). We have added many layers of data over time by gradually building our technology platforms and today can share this information with our clients.

We believe by sharing our outcome data with clients we can help them make better decisions and get better outcomes. Moreover, it’s helped us to raise the bar in delivering cost effective, quality care.

All of the initiatives we have undertaken in the last 10 years have required change. Change in the way we collect data, interact with clients, market our services, develop relationships, embrace technology and provide services.

2017 is quickly coming to a close. In a few short weeks, we will watch the shiny ball drop in Times Square, ushering in 2018. That shiny ball represents an opportunity for change and new ideas, something we seek and embrace.

Why do we seek and embrace new ideas? Because we are dedicated to living our Mission Statement: to be a catalyst of change in healthcare.

A lot of people avoid change, yet most of us look forward to the new year. It’s an opportunity to try something new. We plan to go on a diet, begin an exercise routine, stick to our budget. The companies we work for also develop goals and strategic plans. We are no different. Just as we have in the past, we are trying to determine which ideas to pursue… new clinics, new contracts, new staff, new product lines, new technologies, and new partners. We are poised for change.

Many times these ideas and goals come from you: our clients, partners and patients, as we try to deliver a product that makes your job easier and more cost effective without ever compromising on quality of care.

We are energized by the thought of new ideas awaiting us in 2018 and hope you choose to share ideas with us in the coming year. We look forward to the challenge and to helping you be successful in your endeavors.

On behalf of ARC Physical Therapy+, we wish you a happy holiday season and new year. May 2018 bring you the enthusiasm and energy to embrace the changes the shiny ball inspires in you.

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