The Power of the McKenzie Method

Using the McKenzie Method to Assess and Treat Spinal Disorders 

The McKenzie Method can be a great way to assess and treat spinal disorders without months of therapy, expensive equipment, or surgery, but what is it?

The McKenzie Method Defined

According to The McKenzie Institute, The McKenzie Method is “a reliable assessment process intended for many musculoskeletal problems, including pain in the back, neck and extremities  such as the shoulder, knee and ankle, as well as issues associated with sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms and intermittent numbness in hands or feet.”

Why is McKenzie More Successful?

The McKenzie Method incorporates the clinical interview and physical assessment with cause and effect relationships. McKenzie Certified therapists assess patients’ objective and subjective changes in response to specific movements to determine a direction of preference and create centralization of symptoms. Correctly identifying the direction of preference and educating the patient concerning the treatment most appropriate for their condition is the key to success.

How does ARC Physical Therapy+ Use the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method allows ARC Physical Therapy+ trained clinicians to more accurately assess and treat spinal disorders, especially patients suffering from low back pain. More importantly, McKenzie certified therapists teach their patients positions and activities that relieve and often control their symptoms, decreasing their dependency on medical intervention.

ARC Physical Therapy+ has 6 McKenzie Certified clinicians who have completed the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) Program of Certification and 20 additional clinicians who have taken coursework towards certification. The training process is rigorous and time consuming: clinicians invest over 100 hours in training and must pass an 8-hour certification exam.

Who is McKenzie?

The late Robin McKenzie, a physiotherapist from New Zealand, specialized in the treatment of spinal disorders. In the 1960s, he developed his own examination and treatment methods and is now internationally recognized as an authority on the diagnosis and treatment of back pain. To ensure the orderly development of education and research into his methods, the McKenzie Institute International was founded in 1982.

How Does McKenzie Method Impact Me?

The McKenzie Method often leads to better outcomes which means greater savings for employers, lower treatment costs, fewer recurring injuries, faster return to work and a healthier, happier workforce.

For more information, contact your local ARC Physical Therapy+ clinic.

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