• Workers’ Compensation

    ARCPT+ is more than a workers’ comp company – we’re a healthy workforce company.

    What started as a physical and occupational therapy company specializing in workers’ compensation claims has become the region’s foremost wellness‚ injury prevention and rehabilitation company–– a healthy workforce company.

    Our preventative approach is the big plus – in fact‚ it has revolutionized the workers’ comp industry.

    ARCPT+ adds preventive health and risk management services including wellness assessments‚ job analysis‚ functional employment testing and sincerity of effort testing to our more traditional workers’ comp therapy and return to work protocols.

    The big plus for our clients is not just fewer‚ less costly workers’ comp claims and lower workers’ comp and group health premiums‚ it’s healthier employees‚ who are more productive. Plus‚ they’re more loyal to your company – and higher retention means lower recruiting and training costs. A big plus and big savings.

    No wonder ARCPT+ is the region’s most preferred provider.

    Research shows high quality providers cost less in the long run. In case study after case study‚ ARCPT+ reduces costs and increases profits for our clients. Remember‚ employers in most states can direct work comp patients to their list of preferred providers. With state of the art outcomes data you can make an informed decision‚ and we’re confident you’ll choose ARCPT+.

    What’s the ARC Physical Therapy+ plus?

    It’s above and beyond wellness services, out of the box thinking and innovating state of the art treatments. It’s also revolutionary testing that objectively measures a person’s functional ability to do the job. It’s sincerity of effort testing. Plus, it’s comprehensive, transparent outcomes data so clients can understand the true cost of care.

    Our goal is to make a positive and significant impact on our clients’ physical and financial health.

    Our healthy workforce system treats the cause, not just the symptoms of worker injuries.

    At ARCPT+‚ our objectives are simple.

    • We help companies save millions each year in workers’ comp by using ARCPT+ for job analysis and functional employment testing to determine whether or not a candidate is physically able to do the job.
    • We help teach your employees how to manage their own healthcare‚ exercise more and with greater efficiency.
    • We help employers incentivize a healthier lifestyle for their employees.

    Even small business owners can save thousands of dollars in group health insurance premiums and workers’ comp if their employees participate in a successful wellness plan.

    Job Analysis

    Job Analysis is the first and most critical step of a comprehensive injury management program. The job analysis (JA) is the cornerstone for determining the essential functions of the work and for developing testing to determine the physical capabilities of your workforce.

    • It allows us to identify potential hazards in the work place that could be re-engineered to reduce the risk for injuries.
    • It provides objective support that can be crucial in answering any ADAAA, EEOC or FMLA claims.
    • By identifying the essential functions of the job, medical providers are better able to determine if a claimant can return to work following work related injuries or an FMLA leave of absence.
    • It provides protection to employers in cases of a claim of disability by having the essential functions clearly defined.
    • Completing the JA project is a tangible example from the leadership to the workforce of your commitment to developing a more safety conscious culture.
    • It serves as the basis for developing a Post Offer Employment Test as well as preventive exercise programs.

    Job Analysis — What it is and how we do it

    • A brief interview with a supervisor of the job being analyzed to discuss requirements of the job. This will include the primary purpose of the job, duties and responsibilities of the job, supervisory responsibilities of the job, physical demands of the job, and the work environment.
    • A brief interview with a seasoned worker currently in the position being analyzed to review the above noted information.
    • Observation of a worker on the job and description and documentation of the following: the function of the job, postures required to complete the job, the most common tasks, the essential tasks, weights of objects lifted and/or carried, push/pull forces required to complete the job, size/dimension of objects lifted, heights to be lifted to, any tools or equipment necessary to complete the work, distances for objects carried, and time required to complete tasks.
    • A formal report generated by ARC staff to include all of the above noted information reviewed with the worker and the supervisor to ensure that an accurate depiction of the job has been developed.


    • The formal report will be reviewed by 2 or more incumbent workers and at least one supervisor.
    • If all are in agreement that the document is an accurate reflection of the essential functions for the job, then each review will sign the validation form.

    Based on the job analysis report, several additional services are available that provide additional value and return on investment to employers. They include Post Offer Functional Employment testing, Fit for Duty testing and customized stretching programs. We also offer a comprehensive wellness program that incorporates the essential functions of each job into the total wellness concept.

    Post Offer Functional Employment Testing

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor 1 in every 10 workers is not physically capable of performing the essential functions of their job safely. Can you afford to hire an employee who is at far greater risk of an injury that can drive up your workers’ comp or group health insurance costs?

    If your company does not test you run the risk of hiring employees turned down by companies that do test.

    case study 4

    Can they safely do the job?

    First: Define the job

    ARC Physical Therapy+’s team will work with you to define the essential functions and physical demands of the job. We’ll develop a legally-defensible job analysis document completed by a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. If needed, we’ll help you re-engineer a job to reduce the risk of re-injury.

    Second: Pre hire, Post Offer Testing

    We will work with you to design a post offer functional employment test for each job to determine if the candidate is physically capable of performing the job day in and day out. In the process, ARC Physical Therapy+ will determine a baseline of function for each employee and identify pre-existing conditions including a thorough musculoskeletal examination – which could save your company millions should the employee be injured later. Plus, we’re as careful about collecting the right information for employers as we are about protecting patients’ GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act), ADAAA and other privacy rights.

    Keys to a Successful Post Offer Employment Test

    • Does your testing program include a functional component in the testing?
    • Does your testing program establish a baseline musculoskeletal assessment?
    • Does your testing program establish a direct relationship from the functional component of the test to the essential functions of the job?


    ARC Physical Therapy+ Program includes:

    • Comprehensive Medical Questionnaire (GINA compliant)
    • Musculoskeletal Assessment
    • Dynamic lift testing
    • Essential Functional Testing

    Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy

    Why do so many people choose ARC Physical Therapy+ when they need physical or hand therapy? Simply, we provide state of the art therapeutic techniques, uniquely motivating patients to achieve success and educate patients about their symptoms and the cause of their injuries.

    We can get your patients back to their daily activities faster, pain free and more affordably then other providers. That’s why physicians select ARC Physical Therapy+ over others for their most difficult cases. They know our therapists are the most talented in the region, and doctors know their patients will receive personalized care. Most importantly, doctors know and trust our results!

    Personalized Care

    It all starts with the ARC therapist, one of the most highly trained clinicians in the region. We work together with your patient, your physician and treatment team to develop a treatment plan and home exercise program specific to your patient’s injury and body. We take into account previous injuries, strengths and weaknesses and goals to create a personalized treatment plan. For example, some patients improve faster with strengthening exercise in our clinics, some do better with aqua therapy in a pool. Regardless, we’ll map out a strategy to help patients:

    • Regain mobility
    • Ease pain
    • Improve movement
    • Increase strength
    • Prevent future injuries
    • Exercise to avoid surgery
    • Provide pre- and post-operative therapy for knee, spine and shoulder injuries
    • Provide hand therapy for carpal tunnel injuries
    • Provide therapy for repetitive stress injuries including bursitis and tendonitis
    • Improve balance and coordination

    The Best and Brightest

    Not only are ARC Physical Therapy+ clinicians caring and patient-focused, they are also among the most talented in the region, almost all with multiple specialties. At ARC Physical Therapy+ we combine technology with state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled skills and knowledge to utilize the following treatment methods:

    • Method — also known as mechanical diagnosis and therapy, involves advanced assessment and treatment based on active patient involvement. We provide education for back, neck and extremity problems that can sometimes eliminate the need for expensive and/or invasive assessment or treatments. What is the McKenzie Method and How Will it Help My Patients?
    • Sports Medicine Treatment Approach — incorporates the same knowledge and billions of dollars in research spent each year to assist professional athletes recovery from injuries, regain strength, physical agility.
    • Applied Functional Science Training — based on ideas developed by Gary Gray, AFS is a functional biomechanical evaluation and revolutionary treatment approach to injury prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

    Extensive Training

    ARC Physical Therapy+ professionals have advanced degrees in:

    • Doctorate in Physical Therapy
    • Masters in Occupational Therapy
    • Masters of Physical Therapy
    • Masters in Exercise Physiology
    • Masters of Health Administration and Public Administration
    • Masters of Human Relations
    • Certified Hand Therapist Certified
    • KinesioTaping Practitioner
    • Certified NeuroDevelopmental Therapist
    • Certified Lymphedema Therapist
    • Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Rehabilitation
    • Certified McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment Therapist
    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    • Certified Athletic Trainer
    • Board Certified in Professional Ergonomics
    • Board Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
    • Certified XRTS Sincerity of Effort FCE Providers

    Onsite Services

    At ARC Physical Therapy+, we know that a healthy workforce starts with a healthy, ergonomically safe work environment. That’s why employers look to ARCPT+ to assess the workplace, identify potential risks, redefine functional job requirements — all strategies that can significantly lower injury rates, prevent future injuries and impact employers’ direct and indirect costs.
    ARCPT+ has developed a robust range of onsite services to help employers streamline inefficiencies and provide direct, cost and time-effective patient care and assessment including:

    Job Site Analysis

    The cornerstone of our Post Offer Employment Testing and our Wellness programs, the Job Site Analysis, is used to determine the physical requirements to meet the essential functions of the job. The Job Site Analysis is also a useful post-injury tool in determining safe return to work criteria following rehabilitation as well as establishing for comparison with the results of a Functional Capacity Assessment. Often times, even minor changes in the job requirements can significantly reduce the risk of costly future injuries.

    Ergonomic Assessment

    A healthy, safe and comfortable work environment will enhance employee job satisfaction, efficiency and overall attitude at work. Our Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists provide detailed assessment and recommend simple, cost efficient and effective solutions for problems of workplace discomfort and strain.

    Work Station Evaluation

    ARC Physical Therapy+ can provide work station analysis as part of our overall Ergonomic Assessment or as a stand alone service module for companies looking to addresses specific components of a job. It is an excellent tool to determine if an injured worker is ready to return to work and can also be utilized with symptomatic employees as an early intervention strategy.

    Early Intervention/Prevention Assessments

    Customized to your worksite, Early Intervention/Prevention Assessment allows us to identify at risk employees often before serious injury occurs. We assess the worksite, recommend and implement strategies to reduce the impact of workplace stress and strain. Early intervention also reduces the number of recordable injuries through employee risk education engagement.

    Onsite Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy

    By providing therapy services at the job site, we are able to eliminate patient travel time to and from the clinic, incorporate the job site in the rehabilitation process and minimize unproductive down time. Our dedicated Onsite Services therapy staff will customize your program to meet your unique needs. ARC Physical Therapy+ uses the same individualized approach to onsite therapy that makes our clinical outcomes so successful.

    Work Conditioning

    ARC Physical Therapy+ collaborates with employers and patients to develop a functional return to work program that encompasses all the components of the job. The result — a restriction free return to work and dramatically improved long term outcomes with fewer reported repeat injuries over time.
    A unique approach to returning your employee to work, we use the job site as the means for rehabilitation. There is no need to develop a job simulation program, the job is the rehabilitation!

    Stretching Programs

    ARC Physical Therapy+ develops customized stretching programs based on the specific job requirements of the workplace to provide proactive solutions to reduce injuries on the job.

    Onsite Clinics

    ARC Physical Therapy+ regularly works with employers to provide in-house physical therapy and occupational therapy clinics staffed by experienced, talented and highly credentialed ARC Physical Therapy+ therapists.

    Wellness and Fitness Facilities and Programs

    One of the best ways to prevent injury and provide early intervention in the injury process is to work with employees to strengthen and tone muscles related to frequent and recurring job injuries. ARC Physical Therapy+ provides state-of-the-art fitness and wellness programs that examine workers’ compensation injury trends by job category and fully integrate exercise and fitness programs based in part on those specific job-related risks. We will assist you in setting up a meaningful and measurable wellness program as well as help you design and staff your in-house fitness facility.

    XRTS Sincerity of Effort

    XRTS Sincerity of Effort Validity Testing

    How do you know when a patient is providing their best effort during testing to determine if they are physically capable of safely returning to work? Simple – through XRTS Sincerity of Effort Validity Testing.
    Legally-defensible XRTS Testing provides empirical, objective analysis of a patient’s effort. Through a series of distraction-based checks and balances we can determine a patient’s true lifting, gripping and strength measures.
    A large, controlled research study reported that XRTS Testing accurately assesses sincerity of effort (or feigned weakness) 99.5% of the time.
    Most importantly, accurate assessment of physical ability to return to work translates to lower workers’ compensation payouts.
    There are two components of the XRTS test, a Hand Strength Assessment and a Lifting Assessment. Both rely on distraction-based methodology. For example, a patient is tested to see how much force can be produced with each hand using standard testing gauges. The data from repeated measures and the simultaneous testing of both hands is analyzed by applying seven statistically-based criteria and can show if there is excessive variation that might indicate less than sincere effort.

    Work Conditioning

    When patients are injured, sometimes physical and occupational therapy is not quite enough to get the patient prepared to go back to work. Think about the professional athlete who’s injured. Does the athlete go back on to the field after three months of rehabilitation without “conditioning” for the game?
    Our goal at ARCPT+ is to help patients prepare to return to work. It’s more than determining if can they lift the 50 pound box. With ARCPT+’s STRIVE Work Conditioning Program, we make sure the patient is prepared to lift the 50 pound box for eight hours a day. Sometimes that means strength training, core conditioning or range of motion exercises for support muscles. We provide a customized solution to transition the injured site into working with the rest of the body and add the endurance and strength conditioning modules as needed.
    As a result, our patients are less frequently reinjured, because they are better prepared to meet the requirements of their day to day job. Plus, employers get employees back to work safely and many times more quickly after a work-related injury. That translates to significant savings for companies.
    As specialists in workers’ compensation injuries and rehabilitation, ARCPT+ has combined the expertise of some of the most recognized leaders in industrial physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports performance to create the STRIVE Program.

    Functional Capacity Evaluation

    Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are used to help determine a patient’s physical capacity and their ability to safely return to work following a work related injury or extended medical leave.
    Legally defensible, the ARCPT+ FCE provides a comprehensive and objective assessment to assist physicians and employers in determining a patient’s ability to return to work as well as needed work restrictions.
    A typical ARCPT+ FCE measures physical strength, range of motion, stamina and tolerance of functional activities such as pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting, all under the guidance of our highly skilled clinicians. Done correctly, the FCE mitigates the risk for repeat injury.
    Following the FCE, ARCPT+ provides a detailed report with conclusions and observations related to the patient’s abilities to help you and your treatment team make the most informed decisions for return to work and disability ratings.


    Outcomes You Can Measure

    In an era when budgets are more scrutinized than ever before, ARC Physical Therapy+ provides you with outcome data related directly to your healthcare spending. With clear, complete and easy to understand outcomes data and reports you can make more informed strategic decisions to drive your company’s growth and profits.
    ARC Physical Therapy+ provides objective, customized patient and group outcome reports for every service in order to:

    • Help you and your executive team make well-informed decisions
    • Gain a better understanding of the overall health of your workforce
    • Provide you with timely insight into potential risks before they arise

    Managing Data to Gain a Competitive Advantage

    We’ve been tracking outcomes for years including statistics on high quality of care and how many visits each patient needs to return to work safely — and why. At ARC Physical Therapy+ we track the data and help you formulate solutions and strategies to decrease your risk.

    Post Offer Employment Testing Data

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 1 in every 10 workers is not physically capable of performing the essential functions of their job safely. Can you afford to hire an employee who is at far greater risk of an injury that can drive up your workers’ comp or group health insurance costs?
    If your company does not test you run the risk of hiring employees turned down by companies that do test.
    ARC Physical Therapy+ is saving companies millions through post offer employment testing, and we have the data to prove it. Through a detailed medical questionnaire, dynamic lifting test, job simulation and a thorough musculoskeletal examination, ARC Physical Therapy+ will determine a baseline of function for each employee and identify pre-existing conditions. Companies use the baseline data to protect themselves against claims should workplace injuries arise. It’s data you can use to make decisions that can save your company significant money.

    Outcomes Data for Therapy Patients

    Outcomes data in the workers’ comp setting allows you to get past false claims of discounts and volume pricing to see the real numbers and the real results of therapy for patients.
    Smart companies compare and contrast the savings they achieve by returning employees to work safely in fewer therapy visits by using ARC Physical Therapy+ compared to other providers. For example, some competitors claim they give greater discounts than ARC Physical Therapy+ and their cost per visit is lower than ours. What they don’t say is that their patients may require more visits to progress back to work safely than ARC Physical Therapy+ patients. Why? One reason may be the superior qualifications of ARC Physical Therapy+ therapists — most with graduate degrees and doctorates — all among the most highly regarded therapists in the country. It could also be our close relationships with referring physicians that often results in improved patient recovery results.
    Regardless, with honest outcome reports, employers can see at a glance the benefit of directing care to ARC Physical Therapy+. Recovery times are almost always shorter and employees return to work at less overall cost to the employer.
    Another demonstration of the value of ARC Physical Therapy+ is to compare our outcomes for treatment of injuries to industry standards — Official Disability Guidelines (ODG). ODG benchmarks industry-wide data collected from over two million workers’ injuries and sets the standard for average number of visits needed to get a person safely back to work. The bottom line is that ARC Physical Therapy+ almost always beats the ODG standard number of visits estimated to return your employees to work safely.
    ARC Physical Therapy+ will provide you and your management team with outcome reports on your employees’ specific diagnoses, including co-morbidity factors and results including:

    • Top Diagnoses.
    • Total number of patients in each sample group.
    • ODG “Best Practice” average number of visits.
    • ARC Physical Therapy+ average number of visits
    • Average days in treatment.
    • Average time between injury and treatment – ARC Physical Therapy+ data collected from 12,000 workers’ comp patients shows that the longer the time between injury and treatment, the longer the treatment time needed.
    • Average patient age – we demonstrate your patient trends and partner with you to find solutions.
    • Co-morbidities – tracking co-morbidities shows you the direct effect one or more additional disorders may have on the injury. For example, a patient with osteoarthritis, may take longer to recover from a sprain or surgery. Likewise, research shows that smokers take longer to recover from surgery because less oxygen is delivered to injured areas. Less oxygen means slower recuperation. We track each patient’s specific co-morbidities as well as your group’s co-morbidities to give you a solid picture of your ongoing risks, including percentage of patients with more than one risk factor.