• Hannah Page, OT - Kansas and Missouri

    Meet Occupational Therapist: Hannah Page

    How long have you been a Occupational Therapist?

    1 year

    What clinics do you treat out of?

    Kansas City, Kansas and Liberty, Missouri

    What got you interested in being an Occupational Therapist in the first place?

    Observing and being involved with many amazing therapists that have made huge impacts on people every single day.

    Why do you love being an Occupational Therapist?

    I have the opportunity to get people back to what they love, need, and have to do in life.

    What is a fun fact about you?

    I play piano and guitar.

    What makes you unique as an Occupational Therapist?

    Treating the person, not the pathology.

    What is something you wish people knew about Occupational Therapist?

    We go way beyond just hospital and clinic settings. We treat in schools, communities, and home settings. No matter where the person is in life, we can help.

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