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Manhattan, KS Clinic Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Let’s celebrate! Our Manhattan clinic is celebrating its 1st anniversary! “As a Manhattan resident, providing programs that are specific to each and every patient that

Dry Needling FAQ

Dry needling is a very effective form of treatment for pain and movement issues, but many people have questions and concerns since needles are involved. 

Overland Park

Insurance FAQ: We Answer Your Top Questions

Have you ever had questions regarding insurance and ARC Physical Therapy+? If so, you’re not alone. The world of insurance can be overwhelming. That’s why


Meet the Springdale, Arkansas Clinic Team

Jessica Kessler – MPT, Cert. MDT Jessica Kessler has been practicing physical therapy since 1999. She is an orthopedically trained therapist from the Army-Baylor Physical

Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Kiley Lee

What is your name?  Kiley Lee What is/will be your role at ARC Physical Therapy+? Physical Therapist Assistant What year did you begin working at


New Springdale, Arkansas Clinic Now Open

ARC Physical Therapy+ is pleased to announce the opening of the new Springdale, Arkansas clinic. “We are thrilled with expansion to our first clinic in


Staff Spotlight: Christina Boeckman

What is your name? Christy Boeckman… hint – the ‘o’ is silent ☺ What is/will be your role at ARC Physical Therapy+? Lead Physical Therapist

Work Conditioning

STRIVE Work Conditioning FAQ

What is work conditioning? Work conditioning is a functional return-to-work program that encompasses all the components of the job. It is used for work reintegration