STRIVE Work Conditioning FAQ

What is work conditioning?

Work conditioning is a functional return-to-work program that encompasses all the components of the job.

It is used for work reintegration for jobs that are difficult to simulate in a traditional therapy environment.

What is the STRIVE work conditioning program?

STRIVE is the acronym used for the working conditioning program at ARC Physical Therapy+. STRIVE stands for Strength Training and Rehabilitation for Increased Vocational Effectiveness. 

STRIVE Work Conditioning creates individualized programs based on the physical demands of the job. We combine sports-based therapy with functional movements proven to reduce the recurrence of injury.

How is work conditioning different from Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy targets the injury to improve strength and range of motion. With STRIVE work conditioning, we expand the focus to include the whole body including overall strength, core strengthening and conditioning to meet the specific physical demands of the job. 

What makes work conditioning special?

In many cases, patients have plateaued in therapy. But once they get into STRIVE, they experience a breakthrough and finally start making progress again in meeting their job demands.

What are the benefits for employers?

Employers can get employees back to work safely and, many times, more quickly after a work-related injury. Less time off from full duty work translates to significant savings for employers and insurance carriers.

What are the benefits for employees?

Patients often see increased flexibility, improved body mechanics, boosted metabolism resulting in weight loss, and even decreased stress levels and better sleep.

What can patients expect?

STRIVE work conditioning is that transition process for our “industrial athletes”. It’s hard work, but it provides the best opportunity to return to work full duty, enhance the injured worker’s livelihood and productivity, and live a healthy lifestyle.

How long does STRIVE take?

The STRIVE work conditioning program is designed to be a four-hour program for five days a week. While time in the program varies, a typical patient may spend 2-4 weeks in the program. 

Is work conditioning expensive?

In situations where patients might otherwise be in physical therapy for more than an hour and a half doing high-level activities, STRIVE work conditioning for four hours is actually more cost-effective, in most situations.

It’s very important to consider the long-term savings too. These are related to a significant increase in return-to-work rates, decreased indemnity and medical costs, reduced re-injury rates, and decreased impairment ratings.

Isn’t there a risk of re-injury?

While re-injury is always a potential concern in any therapy or non-therapy setting, patients are carefully evaluated before beginning STRIVE. We identify their safe working level and set appropriate benchmarks for progress. Additionally, by referencing job descriptions and analysis, we know where the patient’s progress needs to be.

How do I know if my employee is a good candidate for STRIVE?

We do not recommend STRIVE work conditioning for all patients. If our team doesn’t feel that it is a safe option for any patient, work conditioning will not be part of the treatment plan. If there are other medical issues, we take these into consideration and require clearance from the patient’s primary care provider before beginning the program.

Will my employee be tied up in therapy for a long time?

Employees can typically get up-to-speed to meet full duty job demands faster than if they were inactive at home (or simply doing typical physical therapy).

Shouldn’t I just move my employee to light duty work?

STRIVE can be more efficient and effective than just performing modified/light duty work, as the patient is working side-by-side with a trained specialist and in a controlled environment, which allows optimal and safe progression of their physical abilities.

To learn more about our work conditioning program and to see if it’s right for your company, contact your local ARC Physical Therapy+ clinic or call us at 844-755-4272(4ARC).

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