Worker’s Compensation: What is a Job Analysis?

What is a job analysis?

A functional job analysis is the first and most critical step of a comprehensive injury management program. The job analysis is the cornerstone for determining the essential functions of the position and associated physical demands required as well as for developing testing to determine the physical capabilities of an employee.

A job analysis identifies the postures required, force, height, distance and frequency required of each job demand.

How does a job analysis work with POETs?

With Post Offer Employment Testing (POET), ARC Physical Therapy+ first completes a thorough job analysis, then creates a series of job specific tests to ensure new hires can meet those physical requirements.

Why is a job analysis important for employers?

It provides protection to employers in case of a claim of disability by having the essential functions clearly defined.

“We now obtain a baseline analysis on every new hire, which provides great information should an employee become injured. An injured employee is treated with a focus on their original baseline. Employees get the treatment they need to recover, and our risk exposure is limited.”

  • Tim Talbot, OHST, CSP, Safety Risk Manager at Hillyard

How can a job analysis help your employees get back to work faster?

Medical providers use job analysis to better determine if a claimant can return to work following work-related injuries or an FMLA leave of absence. 

The job analysis also helps guide the physical and occupational therapy team in a functional-based rehabilitation process should a workplace injury occur.   

Will job analysis help ensure new employees can complete their job?

That is the goal of a job analysis. With the job analysis, we know the physical demands of the position and can test employees to ensure they meet those demands.

“Since beginning to work with ARC Physical Therapy+, we have far less new employees who are unable to perform the essential functions of the job once they begin work. We very much value our partnership with ARC Physical Therapy+, and they are aiding in the avoidance of musculoskeletal injuries.”

  • Director of Human Resources for a large food service company

Will my company’s injury rate fall if I implement job analysis?

It very well could! But don’t take our word from it. Here’s what one of our onsite services clients has to say:

“Our injury rate has fallen each year since we’ve partnered with ARC Physical Therapy+. We’ve been able to continue to build a successful safety program due to the assistance they’ve provided. We believe the validation process has resulted in some individuals realizing they can’t meet our requirements, and this eliminates future problems and wasted time and energy at Hillyard.”

  • Gregg Roberts, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Vice President/Human Resources, Hillyard

Does ARC Physical Therapy+ have experience with job analyses?

Yes! ARC Physical Therapy+ completes countless job analysis’ each year, including 200 in 2018.

Beyond that, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service.

“The professionalism and follow through by Kristy Robinson (Director of Onsite Services) and others allowed Hillyard to get the program installed very quickly. They have been a great business partner, who bring measurable results.”

  • Tim Talbot, OHST, CSP, Safety Risk Manager at Hillyard

Is it difficult and time-consuming to complete a job analysis?

Not at all!

ARC Physical Therapy+ has created a streamlined, proven process. Customers have repeatedly told us that the simplicity of the program is a key factor in its success.

Would past clients recommend ARC Physical Therapy+ for job analysis services?

“I would certainly recommend ARC Physical Therapy+ to other employers. They have taken the time to learn our business and not simply place us in a template. They have been a tremendous partner through the years, and I feel that they truly have our best interests at heart when administering our program, all the way from our account contact to the clinicians in the facilities.”

  • Director of Human Resources for a large food service company

To learn more about our job analysis offering and to see if it’s right for your company, contact your local ARC Physical Therapy+ clinic or call us at 844-755-4272(4ARC).

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